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Re: The Best Hordes
21. post - 2011.01.27. 23:02:01
Idk Lydon, it still seems highly unfair to me.
Good example of what you re trying to say is how to come to "good" ruby fighter.
He can't have low IQ because emerald would kill him on sight with a spell, so he has to pump up att, def, and IQ at least.
Emerald can do just with IQ/def combo. Since, as I understod game mechanics, player with 100 def and 20 attack is more likely to win a fight than a player with 20 def and 100 attack I hope you can see my point.
Ruby has to compensate for both high IQ and high def while emerald only pums stats up to his advantage.

I know that player (yes it was one of them) I picked for example is high lvl but we are all getting there, and as I said it only gets more and more like that, i.e. spells and pets will take more and more of % of damage dealt.
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