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Date: 2010.01.07. 14:39:17
Which country created THE THE modern popular image of Santa Claus?

Please remove the one the from it
Date: 2009.12.01. 17:23:18
The question "The red square is in which russian city?" The answers minsk and kiev are not russian cities
Date: 2009.11.22. 06:18:52
What is the distance from earth to the next nearest star (sun being the nearest) ?

2.2 light years
4.2 light years
6.2 light years
8.2 light years

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!

From what i found the answer is 4.2 light years to proxima centauri, thats the nearest star after the sun. Where did i go wrong?
Date: 2009.10.14. 18:16:21
I cant see what is wrong, please explain. Thank you

Which type of screen is using liquid crystals to display images?

There is no such screen

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Your answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question.
Date: 2009.10.01. 08:09:41
Which country is top in coal mine accident fatalities?

Great Britain

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators only a special group of people might know the answer

But according to evaluators, ALL those other questions about china that are flooding the quiz are known by everyone! Isnt life funny? So post good things about china people! Bad things are known ONLY BY A SPECIAL SECRET GROUP!!!!!
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