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1. post - 2012.01.09. 17:02:17
As a mathematician, I always wondered if poker is the ultimate way to get rich. I read all the books, understood the math, and when I was ready, I started to play. There are many exellent poker sites, so it was an easy start, practiced with play money, and when I won a lot, I started to play for real cash. I never risked too much, it was rather for fun than money-making. I was amazed at the simplicity and yet addicitiveness of the game, but the high luck factor always frustrated me a bit. In a couple of months I managed to double my not-too-big bankroll, but I always had the feeling I was just an inch away from losing all. I never managed to win a real big tournament, but still I had success and fun.
How many of you play poker? What do you think, is it a game of luck or a game of skill? Do you have any poker stories?
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Re: Poker
2. post - 2012.01.09. 19:03:28
Good to know that you love playing Poker. So do I. I never really played much online. I started with my real life friends - I didn't read any books, I watched WPT, Poker after Dark instead on TV. We started with real money tournaments but after like 2-3 months we changed to cash game. Every friday we play together in a pub. About poker stories, I think I have something that can be called a Poker story.

Like 2 yers ago, we were at a pub celebrating one of my friend's birthday. We haven't really felt like playing cash game until the first 3-4 rounds of beer. Then all hell broke Sit in was 5.000 HUF, plus unlimited rebuy. (sorry but I'm lazy to calculate in EUR or USD). I had no money on me to spend for poker so I asked my friend to loan me 5.000. He was all: OK, just win so you can give it back.

We started playing. Time passed and I was on 45.000. Since it was cash game, I said: I hereby end playing - so once I'll be the dealer I can remove my money. All in all, I won 40.000 since I gave back the loan. The only bad thing for my friend was the fact, that I won like 30.000 from him From then, if anyone attempts to ask for a loan when we are sitting at the poker table he's all like: Loan? For poker? I did it once, got all broke so..Not in this life, bro.
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Re: Poker
3. post - 2012.01.09. 22:26:46 (Reply to post #1 of Miklos.)
Thought adds were forbidden here...
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Re: Poker
4. post - 2012.06.26. 13:45:36 (Reply to post #1 of Miklos.)
I think that poker is something that is played with how your strategy goes and not really by a carefully picked out set of moves that will let you win.

There will be no winning if you have the best cards but you are afraid of going all in when it matters the most. It's is not about the cards, I tell you.
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Re: Покер
5. post - 2014.02.22. 17:53:05
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