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Name of topic: SE looted in duels
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SE looted in duels
1. post - 2012.03.12. 18:06:25
Someone asked about how much SE can be stolen in a duel, so I will write a detailed description.

Base SE stolen is 15-20% (random) of the defeated doomlord's unprotected SE. (unprotected = not protected by transcendal projection).

Modifiers which affect this amount:

Premium: x 0.8
Several others attacked in past 3 hrs: x 0.2...0.8
Loser is lower level: multiplier depending on absolute lvl and lvl difference
Loser diamond: x 0.7
Some items and clan buildings also decrease SE lost.
There is also a special multiplier which takes effect if the target lost too much SE compared to what he collected in his entire career (called the "slave modifier", to prevent people just breeding droid characters for farming).

Winner diamond: x 1.3
Loser 100% infected: x1.5
Attacker 0% infected: multiplier depending on loser's infection.
Loser cursed by attacker: x 1.2
Winner executed: execution skill bonus
Also pet equipment and some items give a multiplier.

Regardless of multipliers, there is a limit to the amount of SE can be stolen.
Base cap is 30%, if the winner is diamond, 36%. This can be modified by several factors, loser is diamond (x0., loser is premium (x0..
Creative affinity adds beyond this cap.
Please note that thing described here are subject to change.
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