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Name of topic: Lady Alvariel's medallions
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Lady Alvariel's medallions
1. post - 2012.08.02. 18:28:52
the Lady Alvariel's medallions has ended prematurely
it is suppose to end just before the championship
and the championship doesnt take place for a couple more days
what is going on
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Re: Lady Alvariel's medallions
2. post - 2012.08.02. 18:50:49
it's been ending about 12 hours after the championship instead of the stated 15 minutes prior, but this one's about 60 hours early. we're trying to get the most out of our resources, but this inconsistency makes it pretty difficult.
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Re: Lady Alvariel's medallions
3. post - 2012.09.02. 10:43:24
whats going on with Lady Alvariel latelly' Last champ it was 3 days before now i saw that some of skills which i created didnt count so what is going on here?
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