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1. post - 2013.04.18. 13:31:59
Looking over my inventory, there is a lot of things in there, and some of them are not that easy to find. I guess part of this problem comes from playing for a long time and collecting a lot of things, but I would still suggest to make the following changes:

The top row (Weapons. Armors, Shields, Spells) look fine. Also the next row (Rings, Necklaces, Boots, Helms) is ok.
Then the "mess" starts.
"Healing potions" and "Mana potions" is fine (clear labels).
"Focus crystals" and "Greater Dimension door (focus crystals)" are also good.
But "Relics", "Bonus Relics" and "Misc" is a mess.
1) All three contains permanent items (Misc has "Locked chests")
2) Both "Relics" and "Bonus Relics" contains Relics that are disappear after a certain time
3) Both "Relics" and "Misc" contains items that are "on use" (Memory box and Epic treasury chest under Relics)

My suggestion (to make things a little easier to find and handle) would be to change the categories to:
Permanent Relics - This would be all permanent Relics that to not fit under Bonus relics. Mainly relics from the AH, bought for AS, some rewards from Events (Example Magic absorber) that can not be bought for Relic coupons

Temporary relics - All Relics that only last for a certain time. Includes (but not limited to) Book of Knowledge, Archgem detector, Xeno advancment orb

Bonus Relics - All Relics that can be bought for Relic coupons

Consumables - All "click to use" items, such as Hunter/Duel potions, Dimension gate stimulator, Shard of loyalty, Temple crystal, Berserker potion, memory box, Epic treasure chest, ducat creation scroll etc etc. Also consumables used in other panels should be listed here (Pet food, Luck coupons)

(Misc) - Everything else (if needed).
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Re: Inventory
2. post - 2013.04.21. 13:22:41
Nice suggestions, thank you! I did feel as feel that its a bit messy, will try to sort it out.
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