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Name of topic: Huckster dueling problem

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Huckster dueling problem
1. post - 2013.09.05. 06:29:00
"You cannot attack this character, because he/she is much lower or higher level than you."

I keep getting the above message whenever I try to attack a random clone. I can attack other players but not random ones. Not one of them. The first day I could attack every one of them but now I cant attack even those at the highest level.

OK I solved my own problem by not specifying the 'Random, lower level clones box'.

Please delete/ignore.
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Re: Huckster dueling problem
2. post - 2013.09.05. 16:36:27 (Reply to post #1 of Stromboli.)
You need to have subplasmas to attack the "Random, lower level clones". It worked in the first day because you had some subplasmas and only until you spent them all.

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