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Topic neve: Christmas promotion 2013
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Christmas promotion 2013
1. hozzászólás - 2013.12.09. 10:39:28
Surprise your friend or your family! Buy ancient stones between 11th of December and 2dd of January, and send a present to a choosen character!

If you buy ancient stones during this period, you can choose a character in the ancient stones menu to receive the item rewards. The items are given only after you choose a player! You can give them to any character, including yours. You can buy several packages, but one player can receive only ONE package.

20 ancient stones: 2 EUR vagy 25 ancient stones with mobile payment
1 Relic coupon, 1 Christmas cake, 1 hunter potion

100 ancient stones: 8 EUR
2 Relic coupons, 3 Luck coupons, 1 Christmas cake, 2 hunter potions, 2 Shards of loyalty, 3 Temple crystals

350 ancient stones: 20 EUR
3 Relic coupons, 10 Luck coupons, 3 Christmas cakes, 5 hunter potions, 6 Shards of loyalty, 8 Temple crystals

750 ancient stones: 40 EUR
3 Relic coupons, 1 Temple wand, 20 Luck coupons, 7 Christmas cakes, 10 hunter potions, 14 Shards of loyalty, 17 Temple crystals

1600 ancient stones: 80 EUR
3 Relic coupons, 2 Temple wands, 40 Luck coupons, 15 Christmas cakes, 20 hunter potion, 30 Shards of loyalty, 35 Temple crystals

Christmas cake:
Received soul energy: 100*(1.5+character level/40)*character level.

Hunter potion:
Use it to gain 5 Action points.

The opportunity is alive from 11th of Dec (GMT+1 time, check the time on the bottom of the page). If you use an instant payment (bank card, paypal, onebip) you will have the option to give the present immediately. For delayed payment methods (bank transfer) you get the option when the money arrives. The bank transfer have to arrive between 11th of Dec and 2nd of Jan to be eligible to give a present.
You can give the present when you like, so even if you purchase the stones on 12th of Dec, you may opt to give the present only on 24th.
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