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1. post - 2014.03.24. 04:39:14
I have no idea who these folk are nor their connection to you, BUT I do know that today waiting for them to send something to my puter is making this game unplayable.

Being unable to increase a skill/ability cause I am awaiting this stuff to load is downright PMO BIG TIME.

If they can't load their stuff quickly and it is not important to the game, drop them. If it is important.. tell them to lift their flaming game.
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2. post - 2014.03.24. 14:58:03 (Reply to post #1 of Furlozza.)
Okay, we are removing it asap. It's connected to a partner, but we don't want anything to run what slows down the game.
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3. post - 2014.03.24. 15:26:01
Say it aint so Miklos.... is that some crappy adware?
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4. post - 2014.03.24. 23:33:40 (Reply to post #3 of Trackur.)
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