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Clans - basic information
1. hozzászólás - 2009.07.15. 22:05:27
You can find a detailed description about clans in the game manual:
Please read it carefully before asking a question.

If someone wishes to form a new clan we have to approve of it first. Your clan might be rejected for one of these reasons:
- The uploaded picture is not displayed.
- The uploaded picture is not appropriate (anachronistic, against netiquette etc.).
- Incorrect clan name (spelling mistake, anachronistic, against netiquette etc.).
- Introduction text might be incorrect as well.

Only those players should form clans who feel capable of recruiting members because one-member clans will not endure for long. Clans can have 5 members at start, but raising the watchtower will expand this number quickly. It is hard to begin, since not many players prefer joining a clan which has only 1 member to joining one with 4.

If you are unable to recruit members to a newly formed clan, don’t worry. If you quit the clan you can always form a new one or join other clans who have been more successful at recruiting members.
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