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Topic neve: Christmas events and promotions
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Christmas events and promotions
1. hozzászólás - 2014.12.12. 17:28:18
*** Updated: 2016 Christmas ***

On Thursday, 8th of Dec at 10 am CET (4 am EST) begins the Doomlord Christmas celebration!

Winter has arrived, the land is covered by snow. The doomlords retire to their palaces, to rest the hunts next to their fireplaces. Then someone remembers an ancient convention from the far past, mentioned by the galetki sages. About a holy celebration which warmed the heart, where people gave gifts to each other...

During the event, you can find unopened gift packs during hunt, duel and challenge. By clicking on them, you can send these to other players, who can open them to get various gifts.


duration: dec 8-dec 29
Present an unopened gift pack to 5 players!
reward: 1 snow-crystal

Minion duel
duration: dec 8-dec 14
Win 3 minion duels!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 3 diranium

Ducat master
duration: dec 8-dec 12
Sell 2 items for golden ducats in the auction house!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 golden ducat

War veteran
duration: dec 8-dec 12
Attack 8 opponents in clan war!
reward: 1 snow-cystal, 1 champion token

Ancient stone master
duration: dec 8-dec 29
Spent at least 2 ancient stones (except for mini-event package)!
reward: 2 snow-crystal, 1 temple crystal

Experienced dueler
duration: dec 13-dec 18
Get level * 6 XP during duels in a day!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 christmas cake

duration: dec 19-dec 24
Win 3 challenges in a day!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 potion of duel

Critical warrior
duration: dec 25-dec 29
Deal critical hit 30 times in duels you initiate!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 christmas cake

Ancient stone collection
duration: dec 13-dec 17
Gather 1 burnt-out ancient stone during hunt!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 burnt-out ancient stone

Hunt master
duration: dec 18-dec 22
Hunt 25 times in a day!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 christmas cake

Beast master
duration: dec 23-29
Train a captured pet!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 monster cocktail

Lord of minions
duration: dec 11-dec 19
Give 5 minion crystals to your minion!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 minion crystal

duration: dec 17-dec 23
Have your minion gain a level!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 minion crystal

Relic forger
duration: dec 23-dec 29
Use 2 relic coupons to make one or more relics!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 relic coupon

duration: dec 14-dec 21
Complete 3 adventures today!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 red crystal potion

duration: dec 22
Complete 20 adventures today!
reward: 3 snow-crystal, 3 relic shard, 5 gift pack

duration: dec 23-dec 29
Increase skill 5 times using soul-energy!
reward: 1 snow-crystal, 1 christmas cake

duration: dec 13-dec 22
Increase ability 30 times using soul-energy! (can be completed during several days)
reward: 10 snow-crystal, 5 christmas cake, 1 soul-well generator, 1 ancient temple wand, 5 unopened gift pack

Christmas fetish: 100 snow-crystal
Fetish shard: 100 snow-crystal
kryxonium fócus: 40 snow-crystal
unobtanium focus: 75 snow-crystal
relic coupon: 25 snow-crystal
25 platinum: 10 snow-crystal
1 minion crystal: 1 snow-crystal
emerald box: 5 snow-crystal
10 blue mytokronits: 5 snow-crystal
10 brown mytokronits: 5 snow-crystal

In addition, if you have remaining emblems from the previous event, now you can exchange them for minion crystal if you don't want to wait until next Fall to use them.

Rewards can be claimed until 3rd of Jan!
Under daily offers, you can buy once a day the Christmas pack for 3 ancient stones, its contents: 1 snow-crystal, 1 cake, 1 potion of dueling

New items:
Christmas fetish. Pet equipment, can evolve a pet to a minion. lvl: 200. TP: +14. Effect: +0.5% AA points for every 10 level of the minion (works even if the minion is not active).

ancient temple wand. relic. level: 1. After activating, the number of royal decrees you can use in the Temple of Doom will reset.
A hozzászólást Miklos módosította 2016.12.08. 11:46:18-kor
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Re: Christmas events and promotions
2. hozzászólás - 2014.12.12. 17:28:50
*** Updated 2016 Christmas ***

Christmas promotion

The Christmas promotion will launch together with the Christmas celebration events. Between 15th and 22th, if you buy ancient stones, you will get a gift pack on your first purchase, depending on the amount:

20 ancient stones: 2 EUR or 25 ancient stones with mobile payment
1 relic coupon, 1 christmas cake, 1 gift pack

100 ancient stones: 8 EUR
1 relic coupon, 20 diranium, 10 snow crystal, 1 christmas cake, 2 gift pack, 20 brown mytokronits

350 ancient stones: 20 EUR
3 relic coupons, 50 diranium, 25 snow crystal, 3 christmas cakes, 6 gift pack, 1 pit wand*, 50 brown mytokronits

750 ancient stones: 40 EUR
7 relic coupons, 100 diranium, 50 snow crystal, 7 christmas cakes, 12 gift pack, 1 pit wands*, 100 brown mytokronits

1600 ancient stones: 80 EUR
1 unobtanium focus, 12 relic coupons, 250 diranium, 100 snow crystal, 15 christmas cakes, 25 gift pack, 2 pit wand*, 250 brown mytokronits

*pit wand is a new item. It will be able to reset the Pit of Damnation. Pit of Damnation will be a monthly, repeatable version of Pit of Doom, much like Temple of Doom. It will have 10 levels, and you have to complete it until the end of the month, because it resets the next month. With this wand, you can do an extra Pit in a month.

The opportunity is alive from 15th of Dec (GMT+1 time, check the time on the bottom of the page). If you use an instant payment (bank card, paypal, onebip) you will have the option to give the present immediately. For delayed payment methods (bank transfer) you get the option when the money arrives. The bank transfer have to arrive between 15th and 22th of December to be eligible to give a present.
A hozzászólást Miklos módosította 2016.12.14. 09:30:41-kor
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Re: Christmas events and promotions
3. hozzászólás - 2014.12.12. 17:29:09
Christmas sale

Between 15th and 22th of Dec, we have a big Christmas sale: the soul-huckster gives 20% discount on the ancient stone price of all his merchandise (only items sold under "soul-huckster")! The same applies to the special daily offers during this time. 

Also the duration of auctions in the auction house will be 24 hours instead of 72 hours! Grab your unique relics now!

We will have some special items for this sale at the huckster just during this period. misc. items: potion of happiness, enchanted pet food, monster cocktail, locked chest, hunter's loot, lesser hunter's loot, berserker potion, minion crystal packs, mytokronit packs, giuft packs.

Finally, we will keep track of the ancient stones you spend on this sale. Depending on the amount you spend, we will give you Christmas gift packs, look for them on the daily routine page.

Between noon of 24th of Dec and noon of 25th Dec (GMT+1), peace will take over the world of Doomlord: players will not duel and drain each other's soul-energy, so you can develop peacefully in this period. Pets morale does not decrease during this time. There will be also a discount to the soul-energy price of potions during this time.

We will continue to give support during the holidays.

We wish a Merry Christmas to all doomladies and doomlords! 

The Doomlord Team
A hozzászólást Miklos módosította 2016.12.14. 09:24:21-kor
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Re: Christmas events and promotions
4. hozzászólás - 2014.12.20. 08:58:47 (Válasz Miklos #1 hozzászólására.)
i'm really enjoying sending/receiving unopened gift packs with this event, thank you!
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Re: Christmas events and promotions
5. hozzászólás - 2014.12.21. 09:11:08
I agree with Manu .

Also want to add - only as remark for premium players - among special items at sale is also Minion crystal pack / limited to 3 times daily /.
And do not forget about Eye of Beholder roulette available under Soul-huckster for those who wanted try your luck.

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Re: Christmas events and promotions
6. hozzászólás - 2016.12.08. 11:46:50
I updated the first post with the current event schedule.
The 2nd and 3rd post applies to previous year, but will update that as well when those events come.
A hozzászólást Miklos módosította 2016.12.08. 11:47:33-kor
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Re: Christmas events and promotions
7. hozzászólás - 2016.12.14. 13:17:42
I updated the 2nd and 3rd post as well, the sale and other events begin tomorrow!
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Re: Christmas events and promotions
8. hozzászólás - 2016.12.20. 08:47:15
One Ancient Stone promotion in the end of November and one in December?

Personally i feel that is a bit too often.
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