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Name of topic: 2018 Fall sale
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2018 Fall sale
1. post - 2018.09.07. 16:23:16
Dear Players! We would like to announce our 2018 Fall Sale! The promotion is between 10th and 21th of September. When you buy the ancient stones, you can specify a character to get the gift pack (you can specify yourself). Each player can receive only ONE gift pack!

20 ancient stones purchase:
1 luck coupon, 1 cake, 3 energy concentrate, 3 crystal jokers

100 ancient stones purchase: *
1 cake, 5 energy concentrate, 5 grapes, 10 crystal jokers, 50 ancient stones

350 ancient stones purchase:
1 temple wand, 2 cakes, 30 energy concentrate, 15 ancient golden joker, 10 grapes, 12 lesser hunter's loots, 35 crystal jokers

750 ancient stones purchase:
2 temple wands, 5 cakes, 70 energy concentrate, 30 ancient golden joker, 25 grapes, 25 lesser hunter's loots, 75 crystal jokers

1600 ancient stones purchase:
4 temple wands, 10 cakes, 150 energy concentrate, 60 ancient golden joker, 50 grapes, 50 lesser hunter's loots, 160 crystal jokers

crystal joker: exchange for a temple crystal, a minion crystal or a diranium.
ancient golden joker: exchange 3 for an ancient golden coin or a golden soul-focus, or exchange 1 for a luck coupon.

* The 100 ancient stone pack is a special one this time. We created this one so players can gift each other with ancient stones. So when you buy this pack, you get 100 AS (+100 if you have enough burnt-out ones), and you can also send 50 to someone else (or you can keep that too for yourself). This extra 50 AS will not convert burnt-out stones. A player can purchase several packs, but can receive only one. So you can buy 3 packs and keep one and send 2 to other players. So if you want to send a pack someone, please communicate with him/her to make sure he/she is not buying a pack as well.

Please note Doomlord will celebrate its 10th birthday on 22th of September. Expect a special suprirse gift from us We will also launch the usual birthday events at that time (Eye of Beholder, reduced auction,s 20% discount etc).
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