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2019 Event Calendar
1. post - 2018.12.28. 13:29:58
Doomlord 2019 Event Calendar
Dear Players, here is the schedule for 2019 Events.

Fast, limited time competition worlds:
Clan W4 15th January - 16th March
level 60 W4 16th April – 16th June
Clan W4 9th July - 9th September
level 60 W4 27th September - 30th November
pre-registration begins 1 week earlier

Jan. 8. Xeno War
jan. 30. Tower of Challenge
Feb. 6. Doomlord Carneval mini-events
Feb. 26. War of Hucksters
March 19. Pit of Doom (no Pit of Damnation in March!)
Apr. 8. Easter events
Apr. 25. Imprisoning Landragor
May 13. Spring Festival mini-events
May. 30. Ruler of the Planet
June 19. Celebration of Reconquering the Surface
July 9. Xeno War
July 31. Summer Vacation events
Aug. 19. War of Hucksters
Sept. 9. Tower of Challenge
Sept. 16. Wine Harvest events
Oct. 3. Pit of Doom (no Pit of Damnation in October!)
Oct. 24. Beer Festival
Nov. 14. Imprisoning Landragor
Dec. 5. Christmas events
Schedule is subject to change.
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