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2020 Event Calendar
1. post - 2019.12.30. 15:54:29
Doomlord 2019 Event Calendar
Dear Players, here is the schedule for 2019 Events.

Fast, limited time competition worlds:
Clan W4 4th February - 4th April
level 60 W4 20th April – 20th June
Clan W4 3rd August - 3rd October
level 60 W4 19th October - 19th December
pre-registration begins 1 week earlier

Jan. 14. Ruler of Planet
Feb. 5. Carneval mini-events
Feb. 25. Xeno War
March 17. War of Hucksters
Apr. 8. Easter mini-events
Apr.27. Tower of Challenge
May 5. Pit of Doom (no Pit of Damnation this month)
May 14. Spring Festival mini-events
Jun. 2. Landragor
June 17. Celebration of Reconquering the Surface
July 7. Ruler of Planet
July 29. Summer Vacation mini-events
Aug. 18. Xeno War
Sept. 7. Tower of Challenge
Sept. 16. Wine Harvest events
Oct. 6. War of Hucksters
Oct. 26. Beer Festival mini-events
Nov. 10. Pit of Doom (no Pit of Damnation this month)
Dec. 9. Christmas events
Schedule is subject to change.
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