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Name of topic: 2020 Summer sale
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2020 Summer sale
1. post - 2020.07.17. 18:21:16
Dear Players! We would like to announce our Summer Sale promotion! The promotion is between 17th and 26th of July. When you buy the ancient stones, you can specify a character to get the gift pack (you can specify yourself). Each player can receive only ONE gift pack! To make the gift packs even more fexible, we added "jokers" where you can choose your reward

20 ancient stones purchase:
1 divine potion, 2 ancient golden jokers, 1 emerald box, 5 golden ducats
100 ancient stones purchase:
1 relic coupon, 2 divine potions, 6 ancient golden jokers, 2 emerald box, 20 golden ducats, 10 crystal jokers, 70 mytokronit jokers
350 ancient stones purchase:
3 relic jokers, 5 divine potions, 15 ancient golden jokers, 7 emerald box, 70 golden ducats, 35 crystal jokers, 200 mytokronit jokers
750 ancient stones purchase:
5 relic jokers, 1 fetish joker, 30 ancient golden jokers, 15 emerald box, 150 golden ducats, 75 crystal jokers, 600 mytokronit jokers
1600 ancient stones purchase:
10 relic jokers, 2 fetish jokers, 60 ancient golden jokers, 30 emerald box, 300 golden ducats, 160 crystal jokers, 1500 mytokronit jokers

mytokronit joker: exchange 2 for a brown mytokronit, or 1 for any other mytokronit.
crystal joker: exchange for a temple crystal, a minion crystal or a diranium.
ancient golden joker: exchange 3 for an ancient golden coin or a golden soul-focus, or exchange 1 for a luck coupon.
relic joker: exchange 1 for a relic coupon, 2 for a kryxonium focus, or 4 for an unobtanium focus.
fetish joker: exchange for a temple wand, a pit wand of a fetish shard.
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