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Name of topic: 2020 November sale
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2020 November sale
1. post - 2020.11.20. 13:20:00
Dear Players,
From 20th of November until 30th, those who purchase ancient stones will receive a special gift pack!

Ancient stone gift packs

If you buy ancient stones during this promotion, you get a gift pack, depending on the amount of ancient stones you purchased. Each player can receive only ONE gift pack.

20 ancient stones purchase:
1 chest of Universe, 1 Christmas cake, 2 crystal jokers, 10 mytokronit jokers

100 ancient stones purchase:
1 relic joker, 3 chests of Universe, 2 Christmas cakes, 20 golden ducats*, 4 hunter potions, 10 crystal jokers, 70 mytokronit jokers

350 ancient stones purchase:
3 relic jokers, 10 chests of Universe, 4 Christmas cakes, 50 golden ducats*, 14 hunter potions, 35 crystal jokers, 200 mytokronit jokers, 1 fetish joker

750 ancient stones purchase:
5 relic jokers, 20 chests of Universe, 8 Christmas cakes, 100 golden ducats*, 30 hunter potions, 70 crystal jokers, 600 mytokronit jokers, 1 fetish joker

1600 ancient stones purchase:
10 relic jokers, 40 chests of Universe, 16 Christmas cakes, 250 golden ducats*, 60 hunter potions, 160 crystal jokers, 1500 mytokronit jokers, 2 fetish jokers

mytokronit joker: exchange 2 for a brown mytokronit, or 1 for any other mytokronit.
crystal joker: exchange for a temple crystal, a minion crystal or a diranium.
relic joker: exchange 1 for a relic coupon, 2 for a kryxonium focus, or 4 for an unobtanium focus.
fetish joker: exchanged for either a temple wand, a pit wand of a fetish shard.

* golden ducats will appear only once the auction house is available for your level

Also watch out for the daily offer on Black Friday, 27th of November!
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