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Topic neve: 2021 Birthday promotions
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2021 Birthday promotions
1. hozzászólás - 2021.09.20. 16:04:35
Dear Players! We would like to announce our Doomlord Birthday sale! The sale is between 22th of Sept and 6th of Oct. When you buy the ancient stones, you can specify a character to get the gift pack (you can specify yourself). Each player can receive only ONE gift pack!

20 ancient stones purchase:
1 luck coupon, 1 cake, 3 energy concentrate, 5 crystal jokers

100 ancient stones purchase: *
1 cake, 5 energy concentrate, 5 grapes, 15 crystal jokers, 50 ancient stones

350 ancient stones purchase:
1 temple wand, 2 cakes, 30 energy concentrate, 15 ancient golden joker, 10 grapes, 7 emerald boxes, 50 crystal jokers

750 ancient stones purchase:
2 temple wands, 5 cakes, 70 energy concentrate, 30 ancient golden joker, 25 grapes, 15 emerald boxes, 120 crystal jokers

1600 ancient stones purchase:
5 temple wands, 10 cakes, 150 energy concentrate, 60 ancient golden joker, 50 grapes, 30 emerald boxes, 250 crystal jokers

crystal joker: exchange for a temple crystal, a minion crystal or a diranium.
ancient golden joker: exchange 3 for an ancient golden coin or a golden soul-focus, or exchange 1 for a luck coupon.

* The 100 ancient stone pack is a special one this time. We created this one so players can gift each other with ancient stones. So when you buy this pack, you get 100 AS (+100 if you have enough burnt-out ones), and you can also send 50 to someone else (or you can keep that too for yourself). This extra 50 AS will not convert burnt-out stones. A player can purchase several packs, but can receive only one. So you can buy 3 packs and keep one and send 2 to other players. So if you want to send a pack someone, please communicate with him/her to make sure he/she is not buying a pack as well.

During this event, we shall also have additional promotions between 22th of Sept and 1st of Oct:

Celebrate Doomlord's birthday! During these 10 days, the soul huckster gives 20% discount from the ancient stone price of all wares! (Items in the "Relics" menu excluded, but daily offers included!)

items sold only during this promotion at the soul-huckster:
Lesser and greater hunter's loot, enchanted pet food, monster cocktail, potion of happiness, locked chest, berserker potion, potion of madness, greater mytokronit pack (contains 2 random mytokronits, price is 0.8 AS instead of 1; daily limit of 25), minion crystal pack (daily limit 3), harvest basket (daily limit 20).

Roll this unique wheel of fortune at the soul-huckster!

During the promotion, auctions last for 24 hours instead of 72 hours! We will also have 2 special, unique items auctioned during this period.

A unique daily offer on the daily routines page on each day of the promotion!

If you spend ancient stones during the promotion, you can get gift packs, depending on the amount of stones spent. For example, if you spend 500 ancient stones, you can claim the content of the first 3 packages.

100 ancient stones spent:
3 harvest baskets, 5 cakes, 5 luck coupons, 50 platinum
200 ancient stones spent:
10 hunter's potions, 3 emerald boxes, 10 cakes, 50 crystal jokers
500 ancient stones spent:
10 harvest baskets, 15 cakes, 5 emerald boxes, 50 ancient stones
1000 ancient stones spent:
20 cakes, 20 cakes, 7 emerald boxes, 50 platinum, 100 platinum, 200 burnt out stones, 1 temple wand
1600 ancient stones spent:
25 cakes, 25 harvest basket, 50 horde trophies, 300 golden ducats, 1 fetish joker, 1 time traveling rod
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