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Re: News
121. hozzászólás - 2021.06.03. 13:28:49
During a check, we found that the data of some spells were not updated to the original game's data. We corrected these differences. As a result, the damage of higher level spells might have decreased. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Re: News
122. hozzászólás - 2023.09.20. 12:11:30
Dear Players,
We have patched the following additions to the game:

To reduce clicks, if you have „Comfort functions” (under Misc / Acceleration):
If you have at least 12 captured pets, and your previous 2 completed quests were „Increase the level of your pets by 12!” you will get a new button: „Complete this quest 10 times for 100 temple crystals”.
Added a new option to Settings, where you can request the display to jump to the end of the battle for all combats.

Gigantic pit of Damnation
You can choose to use 5 pit wands instead of one to activate the gigantic pit of damnation. There, you use 5x energy for movement, but you get 5x rewards as well.

If you have completed The Search, now you have the option to do it once again and get all the rewards. If you go to The Search page, you will get a button which lets you do this (cost ancient stones).

You can close pop-up combat windows by pressing ESC as well.

Wheel of luck:
- now there is an option to exchange directly from relic shards to bad luck points.
- after you have 150 squeezing medals, you can't win more here.

Lowered some skill tests in adventures.

Clan wars: added a practice button. Same combat and same rewards, but it does not alter the outcome of the war, numbers on the map are not modified.

The order of minions on the minion page can be changed now.

- Orc beer can be used even if your HP and mana is at max, but you need action points.
- We mark ancient stone premium items with yellow on your inventory, and if it's Tower of challenge event, you will see elements as well.
- Loyalty shard can be exchanged for 20 hunter and 20 duel potions at once.
- You can use attack/berserk potion directly from the dimension door page vs named opponents.

„Attack the same epic 5 times on the same day” got an alternative, deal damage equal to 30% or more of its HP in a single battle.

Inspiration increases max duel points.

The subplasma limit has been increased from 30 to 100 (if you have this much, you can't buy more from the soulhuckster).

We added spells up to level 400.

Landragor event: ducat potions were not useable for the entire event previously. Now you can't use them only during the phase when they drop.

Some adjustments to squeezing pets after your total SE squeezed reaches 200 billion SE:
- SE gained from squeezing increases exponentially only until level 100 of the pet, after that, increase is linear.
- Further training used from temple crystals is applied only to 12 pets. It prioritizes familiars, combat pets, then lowest level pets.
- Only 150 squeezing medals are used, even if you have more.

AA abilities:
Now you can use Strong bones even when you don't have a pet which would be affected.
Healing potion skill - Improvement to the Healing mastery, increases the efficiency of the healing potions you buy for ancient stones significantly.
Diranium compensation: If you lose a minion battle, you get +1 diranium per ability level.
Collect mytokronits: Increases the mytokronit package reward in the Temple of Doom.
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Re: News
123. hozzászólás - 2023.12.07. 15:29:42
We have added a new checkbox to settings, you can swith on and off visibility of subplasma attacks vs you from beyond attack range.
We have added lesser scarab of death to the game. You can simply buy this relic from the soul-huckster, under "relics" (level 25).
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much likedMiklosFérfi
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Re: News
124. hozzászólás - 2024.02.09. 14:26:52
Dear Players, we have raised prices on the original (hun) servers, the first time after 12 years. The prices do not change here, on the international server, but: there is one thing which was copied to here, the cost change of the premium membership. It was increased from 6 ancient stones to 10 ancient stones per week. We hope you understand.
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much likedMiklosFérfi
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Re: News
125. hozzászólás - 2024.07.02. 14:53:19
We have added the following new features to the game:

- Now you can do multiple quests at once.
 Requirement: you have completed all quests at once at least, and you have VIP membership. To use this feature, you have to simply choose up to 4 quests for completing (or 5 or 6 if you buy the new relics under Relics). You can do these quests parallel. For example, you can pick up pet leveling, pet squeezing and critical hit. You do the leveling quest 20 times, then squeeze 20 times, then do the critical hit 20 times. And you can claim the reward as if you did these 3 quests alternating. If you do not do equal amount of each quest, the program will try to sort them out so you get the most reward. For example you do
 A quest 20 times, B quest 3 times, C quest 3 times, D quest 3 times, E quest 3 times. Then you will be rewarded
The feature has a slight cost (1/3 ancient stones per quest) if you want 100% SE, it's free if you are happy with 75%.
With this feature, you can do a lot more quests with a lot less effort. As an addition, quests you complete in the Gigantic Pit of Damnation get a 4x multiplier (so if you kill something, that counts 4 towards your quest).

- Legendary rings and necklaces.
If you have level 425+ ultinium epic rings and necklaces, and you are at least lvl 400 or you have a legendary developer stone (you can get them from high level epic monsters), you can transform them into legendary items at the cost of 10 ancient gold coins. Afterwards, you can boost them using legendary developer stones, which drop from high level epics and entities and from epic chests. You will be also able to find such stones from other events, and there will be relics which boost the amount of stones found.

- We added 4 new relics under the Relics menu.

- Now you can use multiple rests at once (for quests).

- Squeezed SE now counts towards acquired SE difference (in top lists).
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