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Frequently Asked Questions
1. hozzászólás - 2009.07.15. 13:58:14
If you have any questions or problems then first read the game rules and the F.A.Q. If you can't find the answer, check the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you are still not able to solve your problem use the forum search option (quick search field at the top of the page).

I the problem still persists, you can ask a question in the Help topic.

If you have any question regarding the Quiz, post it in the Quiz topic, not here!

Quiz forum >> about quiz evaluation

Clans, the soul-well
Clans forum >> Basic information about clans

Information about skills

For advances players >> Skills

If I go hunting and I turn off my PC, will the hunting continue?
Yes, hunting does not happen on your PC but on the server. Your PC only displays the result.

If I interrupt the hunt, do I lose the activity point?
No, you don’t. It is refunded.

I have purchased premium membership but I didn’t get extra action points.
Premium membership does not give you extra points immediately but gives you 25% more points every day for a week. So in one day you get 37 APs instead of 30. Exception: when you start the game and buy PM immediately you get the +7 APs at once.

How often do I get Action Points?
You get the APs steadily during the course of the day, so you get one every 48 minutes.

I have to hunt down 3 tiny monsters but I cannot find one.
Be patient, sooner or later those tiny monsters will start coming.

What does it mean that the maximum number of APs is 400 instead of 250?
Players get 30 (premium players 37) APs every day. If you don’t spend them, you can store for them, they are not lost. 250 means that for about 8 days if you don’t log in, you won’t lose any APs. Afterwards you will start losing APs. Players with premium membership can store APs for 11 days. If premium membership expires for a player who has 400 APs he will have 250 APs automatically.

I cannot raise a skill or ability. What is the problem?
In 99% of the cases it means you do not have enough soul energy. If the (+) symbol next to your ability or skill is grey, it means you do not have enough SE. You can check it by simply moving the pointer over the (+), the amount needed to increase the skill/ability is displayed automatically. If the + symbol turns green, it means that you have accumulated enough SE.

Where can I find detailed description about abilities?
The detailed formulas of the abilities are not public. For a player it should be enough that can be found in the game manual.

How is it possible that I get beaten by a player with significantly lower ability scores and equipment while I have premium equipment from soul stones?
If two perfectly identical character duels the chances are 50-50. This is modified by abilities, items (which in fact are also ability modifiers) and character levels. Since the game is designed for a long term, 4-5 difference in abilities and the bonuses provided by a few low-level items does not change that 50% to 100% but rather to 60%, so in 10 battles you will still lose 4. At higher levels significantly bigger differences might exist between players, but you will never have a 100% chance to win a duel, you can still miss and your weak opponent might land a hit. Of course if at level 20 you attacked a first level character you would win, but there is no possibility for this in this game.

How can I turn a burnt-out ancient stone into a real one?
When you buy stones your burnt-out stones turn into real ones too. Read the encyclopedia about burnt-out stones.

Why can't I sell a weapon that I am wielding?
You cannot sell the weapon that you are wielding (i.e. currently equipped) only if you equip another weapon because you cannot fight with your bare hands. You cannot remove your other items either only if you equip a new one in their stead. However you can sell your other items, even if they are equipped.

If I sell a premium item do I get back the ancient stones?
No, unfortunately not.

How can I remove the focus crystal from an item and insert it into another one?
You cannot, you can only replace focus crystals (but you lose the original in this case)

How can I use a spell that I have purchased?
You need to equip it like any other equipment, so you simply click on it on your character sheet.

Can I set up my character so that I do not use a spell against another Doomlord?
No, you can’t. You can buy a stronger spell later and use a lower level spell against weaker opponents to save spell points.

I have uploaded a picture (I got premium membership) but it is not displayed.
Approval of pictures takes time. Please, be patient.

I have purchased an ornamental collar but I cannot find it anywhere. What happened to it?
You can equip the collar on captured and trained beasts, like you insert a crystal into a weapon or armour. If you don’t have a trained beast you cannot use it. However you can still sell it to the soul-huckster.

I got a quest to find Drakin/Horde commander? I don’t know where to look.
There are some quests that you can only finish if you reach a level and you can read about them in the legend section.

How can I capture and train a pet?
You need to reach level 4 to be able to learn skills. Then you have to learn the trapping skill, for which you need the learning skill at level 3. Afterwards during your hunts you may capture animals depending on the levels of your trapping skill (automatically). You have to learn the pet training skill (at learning level 4) to train your pet.

Why was my quiz question evaluated as wrong?
Read the Evaluation of quiz questions section in the complaints forum. If you have further questions, you can ask them in the quiz forum.

I have defeated another Doomlord but I received 0 XP. Why?
When dueling, you can see a percentage beside the name of each Doomlord: 100, 80, 40 or 20. This number depends on the number of times the particular Doomlord has been attacked in the last hour. The more times he has been attacked, the less SE and XP you will get. If it’s 80, you will receive 80% of the original XP, if 60 then only 60%. If you received only 1 XP, the 40% of it would be 0,4 which is rounded down to 0.

I did a quest but it does not show as completed. Why?
Many people make the mistake of forgetting to accept the quest. You have to click on the quest to make it active.

What happens if I discharge the soul-well?
On the left, you will see a Misc button. Clicking it, you will see an option "discharge soul-well", but only after you have filled up the soul-well. Rest assured, you can click on it without any adverse effect, you will not discharge it immediately but get a brief description. Please read it.

Will there be a second world?
At the moment the game has only one world, but another one will be started on..... You can have one character on a world but you can start a second character on the second world.

Can two people play from the same PC?
If one player controls two characters, the built-in algorithms will detect it and the characters might be banned temporarily or permanently. If more players play from the same PC and you would like to avoid being banned then take care not to attack each other or the same characters. And preferably join different clans.

I have recommended someone who pays for ancient stones but did not get any.
Ancient stones and SE for recommendations are debited once a day, at midnight.

Can I redeem ancient stones or give them to another player?
At the moment it is not possible. (See Terms of use)

How can I delete my character?
Settings under your picture, delete character. Please note that this is final and irreversible.

Can I send a message to all the members of my clan?
We are aware that other games have this option, but it is not really useful, because everyone used these messages to communicate and the forum was neglected. Messages are for personal communication, any issue worth of public interest belongs to the clan internal forums.
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