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Date: 2022.09.03. 13:20:03
How old was Moses when he freed the Israelites from Egypt?


Correct answer should be 80, not 40.

When Moses was 40 years old, he killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew. Then he fled to Midian, where he stayed with Jethro the priest, and married his daughter Zipporah, and had a son Gershom.
When he was 80 years old, God appeared before him on Mount Horeb and asked him to lead His people out of Egypt.
Date: 2020.05.14. 13:46:05
On World 2 I can't choose a quest anymore. When I click on "Choose a quest" nothing happens. With all three available quests I got that problem. So I can't do any quest anymore. This problem I got for a very long time. On temperary World 4 I still can do quests.
How can I have gotten that problem and how can this problem be solved?
Date: 2010.05.10. 18:36:51
Yes, you're right.
With you I can see your two relics at highscores.
If I look at myself there I don't see a relic section with the items equipped, and I see it only among all my other items, whether they are equipped or not.

I think the relics shouldn't be treated in another way then the other items.
Date: 2010.05.10. 16:38:40
I still have doubts if it works.

I've seen with others that they have a relic place, where their relic is shown.
If I try to activate my horn, nothing happens, but if I activate a weapon, armor, shield or spell I see something happen: the window view goes up, and a message appears as another item is activated. And I still see the window view going up as I activate the same item again.

So with me the relic possibility doesn't work, and I don't know how to activate it.
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