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Name of topic: Help request
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Re: Help request
2141. post - 2018.11.25. 11:00:36
Gigantic Temple of Doom :
Kill five summoned monsters.
Anyone know which monsters this refers to?
And where would I buy a Destructive Diffusion spell?
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Re: Help request
2142. post - 2018.11.26. 13:42:09 (Reply to post #2141 of digitalis.)
Summoned monsters are can be found under Hunt, Challenge monsters.
I can't find that spell neither.
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Re: Help request
2143. post - 2018.11.27. 13:41:36 (Reply to post #2141 of digitalis.)
Destructive diffusion is a level 273 spell. It is an alternate option to complete the quest for those who have already passed that level and can't buy a higher level spell.
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