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Date: 2011.05.13. 20:27:16
I am on the Draw Quest on world 2

if anyone wants to try and complete it with me I am an Emerald Horde level 33

thank you.
Date: 2010.12.23. 20:55:55
What is that about squeezing?? How do I do that?
Date: 2010.12.23. 11:45:05
You are lucky!!! So, you just went hunting and you got a pet??? ... Nothing else required? That's weird... I don't understand why I still don't have one...
Date: 2010.12.23. 11:22:35
I can't find anywhere how do I get a pet? I have the training pets skill at lvl 10 now, but I don't know how to get one... Anyone can guide me please? Thank you, and Merry Xmas!!!
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