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Date: 2014.09.25. 08:55:41
Not sure what your talking about, as huge advantage, but either right or not, in this case, is not the point of the conversation Cruel. Personaly, i say it is game style dependent, and are equal.

Fact was, that this tactic was even encouraged, via Xeno wars, as i refuse to belive, that this was not intended to be used, if you offer 3-12 potions as a REWARD that is seen as equall to some rather powerfull stuff and a truck load of soul diadmonds.

If this change was intended to be applied now as in the clan championships AFTER the Xeno wars, then you should have removed that reward, or offered at the very least, a warning.

Edit: janymenn, you raised my points before i read this post, sorry that i stoped at Miklos's post, on the other hand while it is a nice thouch, a heads up warning would have been better before the end of the Xeno wars... it lost its luster this way...
Date: 2014.09.23. 21:07:26
That is the most asine reason i can imagine !

This was a perfectly valid strategy ! You spent resource, buying the SR potion and aquired resource, via both skill sets, maximizing gains.

Now you say that you cant maximize your gains no matter how you spend resources !
This also means that the ToD quest gather X SE in duels are practicly only compleatable by EH players ! A DD player would have to get a fat cow and milk it or use Temple decree.
That wont work on high levels, since no one that reaches the 65+ levels keep that much SE on them for any reason !

I respectfully ask that you revise this idiotic rule, since it removes a valid tactic, and offers no gains for either DD or EH players, only makeing each ones game harder, and turning Events that use Event points a major resource lose, since we get much more XP/SE this way, slowing both down, at best at worst simply enhancing the EH over DD even further.
Date: 2014.01.08. 13:36:33
Dear admins.

For some reason, on the task page the train 3 pets icon did not light up after i trained 3 pets ( 2 amoeba lizards and a single raging spawn).
Now i am nearly out of pet space, have 3 pets that i only trained for the task, and thus wasted 3*13500 SE on them with no reward in the form of acomplishing a taks needed before level up.

Please if you can correct this error, as soon as possible, since if i level up without compleating this task i wasted a large ammount of resources.

Nicolas Azrael Dragonov
of world 1
Date: 2012.12.26. 14:29:00
To this date i have found numerous IDENTICAL or near identical quiz questions with different answers. For example:

"Who was the first Roman emperor: Gaius Octavius Augustus"

"Who was the first Roman emperor: Augustus Caesar"

"Who was the first Roman Emperor: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus"

"Who was the first Roman Emperor: Augustus"

These are the most recent i have came upon. I would like to ask the question evaluaters to check preexisting questions, so that they will not allow identical questions to be posed.

It makes answering near impossible, if one is not particulary well versed in the particular disciple of knowladge.

With thanks:

Nicolas Azrael Dragonov
Date: 2012.11.18. 19:41:03
According to game description :

"Burnt-out ancient stones have lost their potential in time. If they are touched by an active ancient stone, they may be recharged and you can use them to buy rare artifacts! Any time you get real ancient stones (except from recommendation and filling a questionnaire or quiz), the same number of burnt-out ancient stones will change into active."

with the gathered loyalty shards i obtained as a reward 2 Active Aincent stones but nono of my burned out aincent stones activated. i tested this twice, to be sure.
Does this mean that Temple Crystals reward (10 aincent stones for 30 Temple crystals) and Loyalty Shard reward (10 shards for 2 Aincent stones) are recomendation or quiz or questioners ?

If so please amend the explanation, if not please correct the programing. And if possible, activate the stones that should have activated in my inventory if this was a bug.

With Honor:

Nicolas Azrael Dragonov
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