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Date: 2015.02.17. 21:52:45
Thanks Miklos
Date: 2015.02.17. 13:09:33

I have a question. In the description of crystal carnival:" redeemable crystal focus, level 80, useable in helms. The cost pour augmenter skills and abilities is Decreased by 2%."
Do as the focus vampire, if it is destroyed (sale, replacement ..), it is recovered?

Thank you in advance
Date: 2015.01.28. 17:30:48
Thx Sbart, Myklos

(hum for compensation pack, What we need to do? )


if you have a way to contact lani...............
Date: 2015.01.28. 02:07:50

I aelana, a player of the first French server. I know I'm not on my forum and I'm sorry.

Since 27h, we no longer have access to our servers, and we had no information to post on our forum.

If one of your administrators know what this is, I would translate for my companions in misfortune.

Thank you in advance
Sincerely Aelana
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