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Date: 2010.06.12. 13:14:55
What are the names of the two lion statues outside of the New York public library?
Patience and Fortitude
Independence and Individualism
Mercy and Strength
Balance and Passion

Actually the official names of those two lions are Lord Astor and Lady Lenox (originally "Leo Astor" and "Leo Lenox"), but their nicknames are one of the options, so just a minor inaccuracy in the question.

P.s. Viridel, some of what you find to be uninteresting or lexical knowledge I find interesting and informative.
Date: 2010.06.11. 17:52:04
What is the Japanese style of graphic novel called?

The question isn't that hard based on the options, but is there only one Japanese style of graphic novels?
Date: 2010.06.11. 17:14:22
Quote: Coutofamily98 - 2010.06.09. 03:40:06
i posted this question :

Which of the following is the correct chronological order, from earliest to latest, of the origins of the religions listed below?

Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
Buddhism, Islam, Christianity
Christianity, Buddhism, Islam
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism
and got this sent back

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators your question is ambiguous

how is that possiable i got the question from a college board entrence exam in the USA

My guess would be that you do not specify if it's earliest or latest religion first?
Date: 2010.06.10. 17:41:43
How many lookout towers are there on the Great Wall of China?

The possible answers should be formatted in the same way.
Date: 2010.06.10. 08:27:23
What is thassophobia the fear of?
Sitting <- marked as correct
Garden tools

That would be kathisophobia, thassophobia or thaasophobia is the fear of being idle, ie the fear of boredom.
Date: 2010.06.09. 22:43:06
Which of these tiger subspecies is not extinct?
Javan tiger
Caspian tiger
South China tiger <- marked as correct
Bali tiger

Sadly this question might all to soon become invalid. No confirmed sightings of the South China Tiger have been made for a long time, 20-25 years, estimates are that fewer than 20 wild individuals remain. Around 80 live in captivity, and there are attempts to return some of these to the wild. So for now it is still valid, and let's hope it stays that way.
Date: 2010.06.08. 17:32:00
How many senators are there in America?
100 <- marked as correct (witch is the number of senators in the US senate.)

I'm sure there are quite a few more than 150 senators in America, this should be "How many senators are there in USA?"

This is the only US state that may fly their flag at the same height as the US flag?
Texas <- marked as correct

This question is wrong, ALL US states may fly their flag at the same height as the US flag. It is an urban legend that only the Texas flag may fly for the same height as the US flag.

What is the name of Kabir Bedi's character in the James Bond movie?
Minor issue as Kabir Bedi, as far as I have found on the web so far, only played in one James Bond movie, but the name or the number of the movie should be in the question.
Date: 2010.06.07. 14:32:15
This is not a complaint as such, more a question of whether or not this question is in fact correct.

What is the smallest mammal in the world?
insect bat
hummingbird bat
bumblebee bat
termite bat

This is a good question, but the scientists don't all quite agree on the answer. By one definition it is the bumblebee bat (smallest head and shortest length), but by another it's the Etruscan Shrew (lightest mass of fully mature adult).

As long as the Etruscan Shrew is not among the possible answers it's not a problem, and I think it's to interesting a question to remove.
Date: 2010.06.07. 13:46:29
I have noticed that I cannot see the forum posts of certain users/players when I'm logged in, unless I chose the "post" option, but I can see them when I'm not.

Can I unintentionally have added the poster to some sort of ignore list? or is there some other explanation?
Date: 2010.06.07. 10:18:04
Who is the last head of state USSR?

Only a minor issue with the question, should be "Who was the last head of state of the USSR?"
btw. are these types of errors easily corrected? if not please disregard it.

Which of these is both an insect and a game?
Cricket <- marked as correct.

Not sure about this one. Both Cricket and Spider are games, but as spider is not technically an insect but an arachnid, I'm not sure if this is an error.

What color do you get when you mix black and red?
brown <- marked as correct.

This has been posted before, but the correct answer is still "a darker shade of red"
Date: 2010.06.05. 07:39:28
How is it called the journal in the trilogy of Stieg Larsson?
Millennium <- marked as correct
The future
The weather

What is it that is being asked, from the answer it seems the question is what the title of the trilogy is, but from the wording of the question it should be the name of some journal in the trilogy, which is special knowledge.
Date: 2010.06.04. 19:30:51
Who was the Black Adder?
Hugh Laurie
Peter Sellers
Rowan Atkinson <- marked as correct
John Cleese

Wrong! Black Adder was Prince Edmund, he was however played by Rowan Atkinson.

In what year was Aristotle born ?
322 B.C
384 B.C

Answers are to close

When was the first oil crisis?

again answers to close.

When was the 9/11 terror attack?

and again answers are to close.

What is the main atmosphere of Venus?
Greenhouse gas and Carbon Monoxide
Carbon and Oxygen
Sulfuric Acid and Hydrogen
Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen <- marked as correct.

How did this pass? Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen are gasses not atmospheres, and a a planet only has one atmosphere.
The answers indicate that the question should be what the main components of the atmosphere of Venus is.

What is the term to ask the computer to put information in order numerically or alphabetically?

Nonsense! This question has nothing to do with computers. Sorting is when you organise something by some criteria, for information this could for instance be alphabetically, chronological, or numerical
Date: 2010.06.03. 23:54:20
What is happening when loss of water from parts of plants, especially leaves but also stems, flowers and roots?

I had to read the question several times before I realised what was being asked, and that happened only after reading the possible answers. The sentence is simply bad English.
The question should be something like:
What is the process whereby water is lost to the atmosphere from parts of plants, especially leaves but also stems, flowers and roots?
Date: 2010.06.02. 21:04:18
What nine letter word in the English language is still a word when each of the nine letters is removed one by one?
startling <- marked as correct

Nice question, except that it's wrong, only 8 of the nine letters can be removed since "" isn't a word. And the question is ambiguous, could mean that the word can be made into 9 different 8 letter words.
Date: 2010.06.02. 08:28:44
There are how many time zones in the world?

This should be "How many..."

But the correct answer is a bit more complicated than 24.
Both India and Nepal are in separate Time Zones, as have several more, so depending on the definition of Time Zones the answer is much higher.
Date: 2010.05.31. 20:58:58
In 1946, baseball player Ted Williams was the last to do this in a single season?

Forgot to write down the possible answers, but this one is a bit to specialized for my taste.

Which Is not a character from the Bourne Film series?
Jason Bourne
Ward Abbott
Matt Damon <- correct answer, and the actor playing the main character, Jason Bourne!!!
Nicky Parsons

Only me, or is this a bit close
Date: 2010.05.31. 18:56:56
What city is known as "Sin City"?
Los Angeles
Las Vegas <- marked as correct
Atlantic City

Both Las Vegas and Los Angeles are know known as "sin City" but with Las Vegas being the most famous of the two in that regard I think Los Angeles should be replaced by some other city, this could be Miami.

What Olympic-class passenger liner owned by British shipping company White Star Line that sink?
Black Pearl

Only problem is that the question is plain bad English.

In Africa, where is the sahel in the direction of the equator?

Could someone please translate this into English? I simply had to guess what it meant. The Sahel is a region South of the Sahara and North of the Equator. So from the Sahara the Sahel is in the direction of the Equator. But the same can be said for the part of Africa south of the Equator.
Date: 2010.05.30. 13:49:11
Ok I have a case of a question being accepted though it was already in the database.

I wrote the following question:
In what country is the Chichen Itza located?


Then this morning I get a question: Where is the great pyramid Chichen Itza?
Didn't write down the options, they were not the same, but apart from the wording those two questions are the same.
Only difference is that mine is better
Date: 2010.05.30. 00:25:39
Quote: Matdav - 2010.05.28. 18:13:19
It depends on the size of the soul well.

These are the borderlines, and the Soul well increases with your building:
till 50k Soul Well --- your built SE/10
till 55k Soul Well --- your built SE/11
till 60k Soul Well --- your built SE/12
175k Soul Well or more --- your built SE/35 - thats the maximum, the divisor won't be higher than that.

I hope it's clear. (If not, then I'll try to explain it in a different way.)

Thanks for the explanation, I have however noticed that when I was filling the soul well my contribution did not increase the size of the well. I did not notice if anything happened when I had finally filled my whole quota.

Now if someone who has built using his/her own SE leaves the clan, does this affect the size of the soul well?
Date: 2010.05.30. 00:18:57
It seems my duelling fatigue affects my chance of winning dimesion gate battles.
I rarely lose dimension gate battles if I fight them before dueling, but when I fight them after 5-6 duels and thus have -30% to -40% to my abilities I lose the dimension gate battle.

Is this just me having bad luck, or does duel fatigue affect the dimension gate battles.