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Date: 2010.02.21. 11:26:46
What does a Hybrid vehicle run on?
gas and electricity

Non of the above answers are correct.

A hybrid vehicle run on two or more fuel sources, in most cases the term refers to cars running on stored electricity combined with another fuel source.
Most hybrid vehicles run on diesel or gasoline and electricity, some might run on gas (propane) in stead of gasoline or diesel. Furthermore some test versions have been run on methane fuel cells in stead of an internal combustion engine, this might become the norm in the near future.
Date: 2010.02.18. 08:07:46
Just had this Question:

If you put a magnet next to a compass then the needle...
...will turn south insted of north
...will point away from the magnet
...will point at the magnet
...will spin constantly

The correct answer can be either of the last 3, and depends on where in relation to the compass you put the magnet, and how you orient the magnet. In fact you use magnets on steel ships, to correct for errors caused by magnetism generated in the steel of the ship.

And there is a 4th possibility as well: the needle will be parallel to the magnet, this however is a bit more tricky to achieve.
Date: 2010.02.17. 21:12:45
What date does the Mayan calendar end and start a new cycle?
It doesn't end.

There are two problems with the options here:
The date format is not universal. There are a number of different formats, two of witch looks similar: dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy, so the options should be: December the 12th 2012 etc.

Second problem is that the second option is correct by default, as the questions states that the calendar starts a new cycle, so it does not end, the questions should be worded:
"When does the current cycle of the Mayan calendar end?"
Date: 2010.02.16. 20:32:51
Have had two quiz questions that had wrong answers:

"Who Explored America in 1492", the answer is Christopher Columbus, he did however not explore the Americas, he found some islands in the Mexican gulf in 1492, and later explored some of the surrounding waters, and attempted to establish colonies on Hispaniola.

"What is a Starlet?" the answer is fish, but a starlet is a sea anemone and thus polyp not a fish.