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Name of topic: Clan championship

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Re: Clan championship
41. post - 2015.10.05. 20:57:56
That's correct. Any ties are decided by number of victories and whoever has the highest number wins. Only exception is the daily calculation, where a tie is actually possible and the territory will be grey.

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everyone's favoritehulkMale

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Re: Clan championship
42. post - 2020.03.06. 19:00:18
how is it possible Sands of time to participat on the clan wars since they dont fullfill the clan championship requirements?They have 3 members but not 20 plus Lvl and the one member i think it is inactive since from 2017 it is still lvl4!
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very popularDoomlordFosMale

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Re: Clan championship
43. post - 2020.03.11. 12:56:13
This is just a conjecture.

Each clan championship group has 4 competing clans, if there are, let's say, 10 clans there would be 2 groups with 4 clans and 1 group with 2 clans. Since there would be an incomplete group the game algorithm would chose additional active clans to complete the group even if it doesn't have enough level 20+ active players.

Once again this is just a conjecture
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Re: Clan championship
44. post - 2020.03.15. 16:57:13 (Reply to post #43 of DoomlordFos.)
my clan had 5 active members but below lvl20 bbut we couldnt take part on the clan championship but a dead clan with 3 inactive players is still taking part
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