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Name of topic: Emerald clans
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Re: Emerald clans
141. post - 2021.09.02. 16:00:56
That would be a good idea if players could use the buildings to the percentage of their soul well filling process, but I think that the get a lot of help from the energy storage so that wont happen.

My other idea is that there could be some sort of generated clans in every hordes of just one that is independent with a smaller soul well, that won't grow if members build and newer players could join them by the acceptance of game admins, for a limited time or level, for example for 6 months or until level 60. For reference these clans could be the same as crystan clan. Players would have half a year to get ready for the challenge of the big soul wells of active clans while still having some buildings that they can use, and maybe they would have company if there was more new players in the clan.
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Re: Emerald clans
142. post - 2021.09.03. 03:57:53 (Reply to post #141 of Antidote.)
join a clan with a smaller soul well to fill as a stepping stone to a bigger one.
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Re: Emerald clans
143. post - 2021.09.19. 23:33:14
I will join an active emerald clan. Level 14.
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