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Name of topic: Easter event (March 16-April 2)
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Re: Easter event (March 16-April 2)
21. post - 2019.04.08. 20:20:51 (Reply to post #1 of Miklos.)
Hey Guys,

Is it too much to ask that the dates be updated to the current year. Sure, I can do the math but it seems like it would take literally five minutes or less and would make gameplay better. Thanks for considering this.
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Re: Easter event (March 16-April 2)
22. post - 2019.04.11. 13:11:05 (Reply to post #21 of gasgamar.)
Hi, you are right, but manually changing every events every task on forums for every language then double checking if all was correct would be rather tedious, would take hours instead of minutes, but maybe we can find a solution where a computer program generates this data and you can check it in-game, will see what can I do.
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