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Return of the Ancient GodsMiklos5330jump to last postLast: manunkind
2022.10.28. 16:48:47
Search for the EnemyMiklos5971jump to last postLast: Tallia
2020.07.30. 17:37:35
Easter event (March 16-April 2)Miklos224224jump to last postLast: Miklos
2019.04.11. 13:11:05
Upcoming developments: Tower of Challenge and Gigantic Temple of DoomMiklos181161jump to last postLast: Tallia
2019.03.04. 10:04:14
Tower of ChallengeMiklos121605jump to last postLast: Miklos
2018.10.03. 12:41:48
Upcoming development: summon monstersMiklos264468jump to last postLast: manunkind
2018.03.14. 21:28:12
Upcoming development: legendary equipmentMiklos182421jump to last postLast: digitalis
2017.08.09. 12:42:01
Carnival (feb. 2-17)Miklos95184jump to last postLast: Sbart
2017.02.01. 09:06:04
New development: Minion arenaHatsepsut385979jump to last postLast: digitalis
2016.10.04. 07:50:18
The Pit of DoomMiklos237264jump to last postLast: Miklos
2016.09.22. 12:36:05
Vine-harvest (18th of Sept-4th of Oct)Miklos134015jump to last postLast: Miklos
2016.09.07. 18:40:36
Summer vacation events (25th of July - 10th of Aug)Miklos32134jump to last postLast: Miklos
2016.07.25. 17:07:29
Surface Celebration (June 15-30)Miklos72990jump to last postLast: Miklos
2016.06.10. 20:21:36
Minion abilitiesMiklos5210672jump to last postLast: Khine
2015.09.22. 13:39:56
Easter saleBaraty111922jump to last postLast: Long123
2015.08.20. 09:45:32
Spring festival (May 4-19)Miklos143274jump to last postLast: Long123
2015.08.19. 10:44:14
Summer vacation (23th of July - 8th of Aug)Miklos293561jump to last postLast: Dancer
2015.08.06. 23:44:12
About DoomlordMiklos317841jump to last postLast: Tallia
2015.01.22. 20:21:58
SantaBartessica Slam162539jump to last postLast: Bartessica Slam
2014.12.06. 10:16:33
Beer festival (29th of Oct - 14th of Nov)Miklos53465jump to last postLast: Miklos
2014.10.29. 14:49:28
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