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Date: 2010.05.30. 07:47:22
1. Filling the soul well won't increase its size.
2. It won't decrease the soul well, if a member leaves the clan.
Date: 2010.05.30. 07:45:10
You are right, the fatigue from duelling affects the dimension gate battles as well.

Try to do the dimension gate battles first, and then the duels, because the dimension gate battles are not making you tired.
Date: 2010.05.28. 18:13:19
It depends on the size of the soul well.

These are the borderlines, and the Soul well increases with your building:
till 50k Soul Well --- your built SE/10
till 55k Soul Well --- your built SE/11
till 60k Soul Well --- your built SE/12
175k Soul Well or more --- your built SE/35 - thats the maximum, the divisor won't be higher than that.

I hope it's clear. (If not, then I'll try to explain it in a different way.)
Date: 2010.05.26. 18:17:29
They are suspended until the administrators can find a solution against the quiz scripts.
Date: 2010.05.25. 22:13:34
You must be on a higher level, than him.

If your level is higher by 1, then you can attack him on 20%
if your level is higher by 2, then you can attack him on 25%
Date: 2010.05.24. 17:00:28
Yes, you can buy all of them, if you want.
Date: 2010.05.23. 05:46:57
Only IQ is required for the spell to be successful, and for to avoid being hit by spells. In these early stages of the game you cannot produce such high differences in IQ to have a 100% successful spell. The random factor is so high, that 10 IQ difference won't affect the duel that much. Try to increase your IQ to be more successful.

Thaum is the skill that affects the damage of the spells. The more you have, the more damage your spell will do. It doesn't matter how high this skill the enemy have, it only affects his spell damage. Buf if the enemy evades your spell, the damage wont be that much, even if you have high thaum.

If you want your spells to be successful and evade the enemy's spell, then you have to increase your IQ!
Date: 2010.05.21. 17:06:15
Drakin can be found in the legend (maybe at level 8 ), just click on his name.
Date: 2010.05.21. 17:03:39
I think you had a war with these clans before. You cannot declare war on these clans for a week after the termination of peace treaty. (This time interval can be increased by the Hall of Peace.)
Date: 2010.05.19. 18:45:34
Date: 2010.05.19. 14:24:03
Yes, you can choose an item after every 15 killed entity.
Date: 2010.05.19. 11:25:43
If you kill 15 of them, you can choose an epic item (according to the level of the last killed entity).
Date: 2010.05.13. 23:55:50
You have Hall of Peace built in your clan, that is one of its effects:

"and if you are victorious in a duel when you attack, you have 10% chance to lose one extra duel point. "
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