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Hozzászólások - Puuma

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Dátum: 2010.12.15. 10:18:50
Draw quest. on W1
Dátum: 2010.04.17. 01:07:06
As the leader of a war monger clan. I like to reward my best fighters after every war with a shout-out. It would be nice to have some near worthless bauble to give them for their character page. Similar to the championship medal and quiz medals.

Suggestion: After a war, the winning clan receives a win marker on the clan homepage. (chalice, skulls, bronze/silver/gold) Winning clan also receives an individual award/marker for the MVP's (most kills, best K:D ratio, most deaths)

Thank you!
Dátum: 2010.03.03. 02:31:12
On that note,

I'm a very active player (due to unemployment ) and would like to be in one of the more organized powerhouse clans that move over from World 1. Please message me.
Dátum: 2010.03.03. 02:27:09
World 2 will be launching soon. I thought it best to separate the recruiting threads.
Dátum: 2010.02.25. 02:32:27
It would be nice to have a tithe system so that you can allot a certain % of your SE earned via dueling to automatically go to the clan soul well.
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