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Date: 2009.12.02. 19:19:54
No problem anymore, I changed the answers to Russian cities in the morning.
Date: 2009.11.27. 09:17:17
It would be a special knowledge, however the rate of correct answers is 85%.
Date: 2009.11.25. 22:07:41
You may have a forbidden word in your question, however this should be indicated somewhere in the quiz window.
Date: 2009.11.21. 14:51:19
All of the above mentioned questions were corrected or deleted long ago, except the first.
That was my fault, because according to more Hungarian language sources, the smallest muscle is in the eye. Now it is corrected, too.
Date: 2009.11.19. 21:58:57
There are no forgotten ones, only some difference in opinions.
Date: 2009.11.19. 09:01:52
Valkyrie: I correct the "good point questions" and answer the bad ones. This way you know, why aren't they corrected.
Actually, in my Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, there are only three meanings to printer:
1. person whose job is printing
2. owner of a printing firm
3. machine for printing esp. one attached to a computer.
So try to use a smaller dictionary.

ChaoticGemini:The question was: "The method of drawing graticule is called ________ ."
I am not exactly sure, if it is called map projection or not.
Date: 2009.11.18. 14:07:08
Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives were living beings, the founders of a famous printmaking firm.
Date: 2009.11.17. 09:15:26
Most years that are divisible by four are leap years. However the duration of a solar year is not exactly 365.25 days, so there are some exceptions. Years that are evenly divisible by 100 are not leap years, unless they are also evenly divisible by 400, in which case they are leap years.
So 2000 was leap year, but 1800 was not.
Date: 2009.11.11. 12:48:17
You are right, the answers can be found on the web. As to the amount of letters in the Swedish language: this question is of no interest for anyone except those who are from Sweden or studying Swedish.
As to the other question: we do not want to immortalise serial killers' name.
Date: 2009.11.04. 22:21:03
Date: 2009.10.29. 16:25:54
Because the number is the same if you omit the word "American".
Date: 2009.10.28. 11:55:49
Quote: maleka - 2009.10.15. 20:45:57
Why do we have the same questions twice in a row or in the same hunt? Isn't there enough question in the database?

Unfortunately, the random generator sometimes has strange choices. Now we have approximately 3000 questions, the same was chosen twice. Bad (or good) luck?
Date: 2009.10.13. 09:07:31
Don't worry, the correct answer is ok at this library question, and it is not the Vatican.
Date: 2009.10.06. 18:07:51
Unfortunately those who can evaluate questions may or may not remember if it is already in the database. Most of them does not have an access to it.

Actually, this can be seen as a proof that more than one person evaluates your questions.
Date: 2009.10.06. 12:35:38
Sorry for my long silence (I was ill), I'm back to work and corrected the errors posted in the last two weeks.
Date: 2009.10.06. 12:31:50
Quote: Valkyrie - 2009.10.01. 20:49:18
If there are 3 pears and you take away 2, how many pears do you have?


The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
This question is already part of the database.

Now, Pogaxa, we've concluded basicly only you evaluate our questions. So my question for you is - show me this question is already in the database. The same as the one about Drazen Petrovic, which I guarantee with my life that it wasn't part of it either, which I proved by changing just one word and it got accepted. So I ask again, to prove that this question is in the database. Thank you.

You are wrong about Pogaxa.
And you are right, this exact question (about pears) is not included in the database, just 3 similar, and we do not want to flood the database with them.
Date: 2009.09.03. 22:00:21
Corrected and deleted some questions.
Date: 2009.09.02. 10:07:23
Quote: Phredd - 2009.09.01. 14:17:41
One of the questions I saw asked "What president is on the $100 dollar bill" The correct answer given was Ben Franklin, now the problem is he was never a president and I think he is on the $20

No, he is on the $100, but you are right, he was not a president. However it is usual to call these banknotes as "Dead Presidents", so I think it's not such a great mistake. I will correct the question, anyway.
Date: 2009.08.27. 10:03:38
So we have players from the Philippines, good news.

Eduardo San Juan worked on the team that invented the Lunar Rover or Moon Buggy, but you are right, you don't have to know it.
Unfortunately the same is true to Agapito Flores, the Filipino inventor of the fluorescent lamp.
Date: 2009.08.19. 11:03:27
Nile was considered the longest river for a long while. It is still debated that Amazon is longer, though there are established scientific claims for that.
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