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Date: 2020.05.06. 15:43:51
Q : Where is the largest museum in the world?

A : Saint-Petersburg
B : San Francisco
C : Rome
D : London

Correct answer is given as Saint-Petersburg.

But its wrong as the largest museum is The Louvre in Paris. Conceived some decades before the Louvre, Saint Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum was also a royal project, and is today the second largest Museum in the world.
Date: 2020.05.06. 13:39:24
Q : More than 1,000 people owed their lives to the swift action of an animal called "G. I. Joe" in WWI. What kind of creature was he/

A : A pigeon

Actually G.I. Joe was a WW 2 pigeon who is estimated to have saved 1000 or more lives in Calvi Vecchia, Italy. The town had been occupied by the Germans, but an attack by elements of the 169th London Infantry Brigade had taken the town ahead of schedule. In the meantime, a large bombing raid had been organised to pulverise the German defences in and around the town. Due to radio difficulties, the British forces who threw the Germans out were unable to contact their head quarters, so as a last resort, G.I.Joe was sent with a message, arriving just in time to prevent the bombing raid from taking off. Joe belonged to the United States Pigeon Service and accompanied the British, along with his keepers, as liason communications with the USAAF. His timely arrival at the USAAF airfield where the bombers were preparing to take off earned him the Dickens Medal.
Date: 2020.02.15. 11:47:05
Q : Who is the first king in history to sign a peace treaty with his enemies?
A : Ramses
Answer should be Ramesses the Great
Date: 2019.10.08. 07:26:33
Come and check us out.....Clan Emerald Legion.
Date: 2019.07.13. 18:48:43
All good here in the UK. And in Croatia too.
Date: 2019.04.03. 19:24:14
How long did Edward "Ted" Kennedy hold his U.S. Senate seat before he died?

More than 2 decades
More than 3 decades
More than 4 decades
More than 5 decades

The first three answers are all correct!
Date: 2018.12.26. 16:28:07
But the question asks which of the numbers is NOT prime, and three out of the four are not. And 49 is given as the correct answer.
Date: 2018.12.18. 21:16:28
Q : Which of the following numbers is not prime?


49 is a prime number, the other three are not prime numbers. Question should read : Which of the following numbers IS prime?
Date: 2018.11.25. 11:00:36
Gigantic Temple of Doom :
Kill five summoned monsters.
Anyone know which monsters this refers to?
And where would I buy a Destructive Diffusion spell?
Date: 2018.11.11. 08:35:09
We have had an Epic called Miklos, and also an Epic called Homer Simpson!
Date: 2018.08.20. 16:15:36
What sort of a question is this? :

Is this research center (*) the foreign guests visited last week?

the one
Date: 2018.08.03. 10:41:46
Talking of Focus Crystals.....
I have just got a new armour but the Focus Crystals at the Huckster are nowhere as good as the one in my present armour. The one in my present armour is 'Avatar Ogre Stone' (+30 strength +30 absorbtion). My question is :
Where the hell did I get this stone?
Please ignore this post. All is sorted!!
Date: 2018.07.24. 05:05:04
Thanks lad.
Date: 2018.07.23. 15:56:29
The Pit of Damnation
Usually there are 10 levels but there is a way to increase the number of levels. I am on level 11 right now but for the life of me I cannot remember how to increase the number of levels.Anyone have an idea?
Date: 2018.07.12. 16:09:05
Anyone else getting this under Temple Crystals?
Currently you have 887 temple crystals.

NaN Temple crystals
You don't have enough crystals
Date: 2018.05.25. 22:53:41
Date: 2018.05.09. 17:13:34
Who won the NBA Rookie of the Year award in NBA season 09-10?
Surely only a select few will know the answer to this?
And what is NBA?
Date: 2018.04.24. 15:52:33
Q. The gold rush in California started in what year?
A. 1749
The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California.
Date: 2018.04.03. 11:04:11
If you go to the AS tab, below the list of packages is a box to put the name of the character who is to receive the gift. If it's for your own character leave the box blank.
Date: 2018.03.25. 16:52:17
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