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Name of topic: Bug reports

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Re: Bug reports
1281. post - 2019.07.09. 00:35:08
The User Interface is covered in glitches. I cannot see pictures, I could not even see pictures of which horde i wanted to be a part of. The navigation in the game is really choppy, has a bad case of lag and it is nearly impossible to play optimally.

Does anyone face a similar problem? Even in the forums, I can't seem to use it as the web page looks old and outdated...

Kindly requesting help,
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very popularTallia

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Re: Bug reports
1282. post - 2019.07.12. 11:08:57 (Reply to post #1281 of MonteKOHO.)
I experiencing none of these problems, my guess is the source of the problems are on your side.
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very popularDoomlordFosMale

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Re: Bug reports
1283. post - 2019.07.13. 00:20:29
All good on my side to.

Sometimes clearing your browser cookies and cache makes wonder for browser based games… not always but its worth a shot
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very populardigitalisMale

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Re: Bug reports
1284. post - 2019.07.13. 18:48:43 (Reply to post #1281 of MonteKOHO.)
All good here in the UK. And in Croatia too.
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