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Date: 2020.02.14. 06:11:38
What country has the most volcanoes?

Correct answer is marked as Indonesia but according to several look-ups the correct answer is USA.
Indonesia does however have the most ACTIVE volcanoes!
Date: 2019.05.26. 18:30:42
Chapter 48
Date: 2019.04.15. 09:05:31
@Hulk: In case the player comes from another clan he/she already has a building score, when leaving the old clan the player will get a penalty on the building score but if it is still bigger than soul well of new clan, the player will be full member from day one ... at least that was the case back in the days when I changed clan
Date: 2019.03.22. 15:34:51
"Which age is the highest to be eligible to vote for a government?"

Possible answers are 18, 20, 21, 30

The question is not very precise and might get outdated. I guess we are talking about the highest MINIMUM age to be eligible to vote in any country. Are you eligible to vote when age 70? Clearly higher than any of the options listed
Date: 2018.10.26. 16:09:12
I noticed as well and checked ability score before and after, the +1 IS added
Date: 2018.07.18. 16:11:45
Which country is the land of Saunas, Santa Claus and Thousands of lakes?

I get it, the answer is of course Finland ..... BUT the land of Santa Claus can certainly be disputed, some would say North Pole or Greenland. And if we consider the origin of Santa Claus we should include Turkey (Saint Nicholas)
Date: 2018.07.17. 03:03:54
Which country produced the famous T-34 tank in WWII?

Accepted answer is Russia, but shouldn't it be Soviet Union since it is during WWII?
Date: 2018.07.12. 23:38:06
Same problem, also with loyalty shards.
Date: 2018.02.08. 20:50:10
Which spelling is the verb?

- wright
- write
- rite
- right

2 verbs: write (to "write" something on paper), right (to "right" a wrong, to "right" the capsized canoe)
Date: 2017.09.15. 16:36:44
Does a different name only make something a different "thing"?
Date: 2017.08.27. 07:13:07
What is the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane?

- They are the same thing.
- One occurs in the Pacific and the other occurs in the Atlantic.
- One spins clockwise and the other spins anticlockwise.
- The typhoons are above category 2 in strength but hurricanes can be a strong storm?

We have 2 correct answers: They are the same phenomenon, but different names is normally used in different places
Date: 2017.08.16. 06:49:14
Please quiz-admins: Require a year in historical questions, like "Who was prime minister of Canada in 2017?"
Date: 2017.08.06. 15:37:35
"In Doomlord, if other players like your question you will receive what on this page?"

Well, it is not "other players" in general but as I understand it a group of "quiz masters".
".. on this page" probably refers to the page where you write the quiz question, but when you as the player read the question you can be on other pages, like Adventure, Hunt, Pit of Damnation etc.
Date: 2017.08.06. 15:18:10
"How old was Jesus when he was crucified?"

If you for a moment assume that Jesus is a historical figure it is uncertain when he was born, some estimates say between year 6 and 4 BCE (Before Common Era) and his death between year 30 and 36 CE (Common Era).
Since both 30 and 33 are in the answer option a reference must be part of the question. 33 was accepted as correct answer here.
If you don't accept Jesus as a historical figure then you definitely need a reference.
Date: 2017.06.15. 16:24:17
So if Jack "meats" something up there, does that mean that he chops it up for the BBQ?
Date: 2017.03.08. 17:44:34
In my experience there is always 1-2 tasks in the temple that I can either not do or choose not to do and instead use a decree for SE.
So you don't need to loose the whole temple just because 1 task cannot be solved
Date: 2017.03.01. 16:09:28
Michael Phelps (USA) is regarded as the most successful Olympian of all time. Who is Britain's most successful Olympian of all time?

Steve Smith
Matthew Pinsent
* Steve Redgrave
Sebastian Coe

Question is outdated. Be careful with questions that are time dependent
Date: 2017.02.14. 04:09:08
How often does the average human blink?

1 second
3 seconds
8 seconds
5 seconds

Well, if someone just blinks 5 seconds (which is the accepted answer) he/she will have used all the blinking real soon after birth!! I'm sure it should have been "Once per 1/3/5/8 seconds"
Date: 2017.02.04. 05:25:18
Well, to be honest I don't see clan switching as a problem for the championship.
If the player can enter a clan with higher bonus, then that is ok, we all try to get in clans with best bonuses.

If somehow the player would be limited more in switching clans, he would just stay in clan with better bonus and that would be the same outcome for you in the championship as when he switch clan all the time.
Date: 2017.02.02. 20:31:55
If I recall correctly you will also have your building score set to the size of the soulwell of the new clan, so when you return you will have to contribute the difference.
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