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Date: 2023.07.03. 18:17:00
manukind the crystal clan is there to complete tasks in case you dont have players on your lvl instead of targeting new players that actually dont worth dragging them in the torture much SE will a lvl20 will give you?i bet on your lvl and with your stats you might need about a mil to increase a stat so the 100 se that you will get by dragging a lvl20 in your torture chamber is actually nothing to for preventing players to lvl up it does.cause if we want to play without daily attacks from lvl200 we have to be premium that means we have to be on the catacombes until we gather enough LP to exchange with yes if i have to stay 2 months on the catacomves you do slowing me down.not to mention that many that will be forced to go to the catacomves might also not return to the game.and i have to agree with spidy that to say that you cannot find 16 players from lvl100 to 250 it is very hard to believe it.
Date: 2023.05.20. 14:10:20
same here i have made several suggestions over the years and nothing have get the answer that it will sent to developers but you dont see your suggestion done or anything dont even get an answer if your suggestion was declined or why it was declined.anyway i stop bothering to make any suggestions since nothing is changing.i like that the developers add new things from time to time like the gods of ghalla but i would like to see something to be done with the suggestions that have been said or something for the complains that are said here or i supposed said with tickets.
Date: 2021.10.22. 14:10:38
i changed only one spell on my minion with a higher one and the my stats reduced also reduced
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