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Date: 2019.01.18. 18:44:03
WORLD4 : "Additional rules
Players get the 3 acceleration functions (under Misc menu, Acceleration) for free at the start. Players start the game with level 50 energy harness skill (if you win in a duel, you will get SE regardless if your opponent had some)."

It's not true !
Date: 2018.12.22. 07:04:07
I had 13 points a day in the challenge monster, my minion with the "monster summoning fetish" has just exceeded the 300 level synonymous with +1 point and I still have 13 points 2 days later !
Date: 2018.10.26. 18:16:02
... and I confirm, +1 to all abilities
Date: 2018.10.26. 08:28:55
"+1 to all abilities" was a reward of the temple of doom, this line disappears, is it no more a reward now ?
Question is : "is the gigantic temple more efficient than 10 Temples of Doom ?"
Date: 2018.10.02. 17:49:29
You are Sbart, the same for me !
Date: 2018.09.29. 15:26:45
What determines the ranking in case of a tie ? Alicia de Lamb level 225 ranks behind Yabu_W3 level 203 even if I reach the level first; but Senner level 225 ranks before Khine level 186 and SteeveB level 216 before Janvay level 186. Why is it different for me ?

It is confirmed. if I change tower level before or after Yabu-W3 I'm still ranked behind him, it's extremely unpleasant !!!
Date: 2018.09.28. 10:15:47
"...200 or more, you get 30 AS each day..." read 20 AS insteed of 30
Date: 2018.09.25. 16:04:37
I used my two time-travel rods and nothing happend
"Please note that we were also forced to add a nerf" and unfortunatly it's retroactive
Date: 2018.09.16. 17:03:09
Championnat, category 38, Senner level 224, SteeveB level 215, Alicia de Lamb level 222 and Rozsliszk Szintur level 207 (avatar from Sbart, same equipments and pets). Where is the intruder ? I think it's a bit abnormal !
Date: 2018.09.05. 08:31:24
You're right sbart, I did not receive anything either !
Date: 2018.09.04. 17:00:06
Pit of doom results "8-12. diamond medal, 80 horde trophies, 300 mytokronit pack, 300 energy concentrate"

I received horde trophies, maybe the myto pack I'm not sure, but not the energy concentrate because I only have 172 at this moment !
Date: 2018.08.05. 09:19:32
I wondered why I had to have more than one monster, now I know. thank you
Date: 2018.08.04. 09:09:52
Bronze ecloplasm detector :
Type: relic
Level: 70
The ectoplasm received for hunting is increased by 1%.

I receive 2, and sometimes 3, ecloplasm per hunt. 1% of 2 is 0.02 ecloplasm, is it a joke ?

Maybe 1 ecloplasm with 50 hunts ? I don't know. This relic costs 500 ecloplasm, so 25000 hunts to make it profitable ?
Date: 2018.07.29. 07:16:05
Thank you DoomlordFos, you solved my problem
Date: 2018.07.28. 06:52:49
Long time ago, when I fought in the dimensional gate, I could obtain some major focus which are very useful to upgrade necklaces and rings. I never get no more those silver, golden, platinum stuffs and so, I have to use old necklace and ring 140 level instead of 190+ levels I have. Where is my problem ?
Date: 2018.07.27. 06:43:08
I bought the "Quiz master's medal" relic : 15 of your Quiz Medals will be effective instead of 12 and you can get up to 15 medals at the Quiz Olympics.

And I didn't receive a 13th medal at the last Quiz Olympics, Why ?
Date: 2018.07.16. 10:15:27
Results of the last championship, last night, are not available
Date: 2018.07.11. 21:17:09
Good news, thank you Miklos
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