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Name of topic: General complaint
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Re: General complaint
901. post - 2018.12.23. 12:12:10
You need to develop the blue mytokronite minion skill sรณ that the level 300 (250+50)fethish ability takes effect... If your minion's blue skill is already at level 50 then it is a bug, the support team will help you if you send a ticket.
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much likedAlicia de LambFemale

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Re: General complaint
902. post - 2019.01.18. 18:44:03
WORLD4 : "Additional rules
Players get the 3 acceleration functions (under Misc menu, Acceleration) for free at the start. Players start the game with level 50 energy harness skill (if you win in a duel, you will get SE regardless if your opponent had some)."

It's not true !
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much likedMiklosMale
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Re: General complaint
903. post - Yesterday, 15:36:00 (Reply to post #902 of Alicia de Lamb.)
You do have a level 50 energy harness; it's just not visible until your learning skill reaches the sufficient level (but I think it is working regardless).
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