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Date: 2022.08.15. 01:28:01
it is unfair for the low lvl players not to be able to win some of lady alvariels medallions because of they lvl especiallly when on the low levels you need the free training and charisma points.let me explain what i mean.most challenges and most duels are for evryone to try and get, adventures favors the high lvls but still possible to win at least the 3rd place if you are lucky,missions which means quests you can have a chance after some lvl where you can redo the same quest,skill and abilities i think everyone have a chance to win maybe it favors a little the lower lvls cause stats and skill are cheaper and the pit gives great rewards,minion battle when you can fight with minions i think everyone have a chance but the Highest acquired soul-difference increase is only for the high lvls i mean it is impossible for a lvl 60 to get for example a 16.570.012 difference as it is now same goes for the Most diranium earned from minion battles
Date: 2022.06.09. 11:50:59
same thing with Highest acquired soul-difference increase in lady alvariel s medalion.this a medal only for high lvls there is no way a player lv80 or les to get this medal.some things on the game are only for high lvls or for big clan is like gift only for them and we dont talk about SE but for free abilities and skills
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