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Date: 2010.05.03. 21:06:12
I have a new question :
I can increase one of this skills to level 10 before the championship event :

- execution


- toughness

What would be better ?
Date: 2010.05.03. 19:58:00
It will show under Events as a invitation . It is twice a month .

Also the Events tab will be red .

Good luck !
Date: 2010.04.29. 21:49:08
What skill should the mind boost skill boost ?
Date: 2010.04.26. 19:07:55
When a pet is healing - will that pet fight for you ?
Date: 2010.04.26. 18:41:03
" Luck: Luck is an ability which cannot be developed directly from soul-energy, like other abilities. Luck is increased automatically when you build for your clan. It counts in many ways, for example: - In duels it is randomly decided who goes first, but the luck ability affects it! - In battles there is a minimum and maximum chance to hit: sometimes even the greatest warrior can miss the target and the clumsiest fighter can be successful. If you are luckier than your opponent, your minimum and maximum to hit ratio will increase and his (or her) minimum and maximum to hit ratio will decrease. - The really lucky Doomlords and Doomladies will find bigger than average monsters (that means more soul-energy, too) more often. - Sometimes you can loot special relics from the terrible monsters coming through the Dimension Gates. Luckier you are, the more often... "

Still do we know how luck is changing ours Fights or Hunts - I mean a formula discovered by players or If we are Lucky maybe the admin can tell us ...

How much luck do we need ?

What is the basic luck you need just to survive in the harsh world of doomlord ?

I understand that there is a formula :

luck = char.level*2 + 5

Is it right ?

Any ideas about Luck ?
Date: 2010.04.26. 12:47:24
Also you can use them for the auction house :

Trade them (once a day) - 2 ap = 1 ducat;

5 ap = 2 ducats"
Date: 2010.04.25. 21:56:42
Thanks Boar its this kind of answer I was hoping for ,

Altho more details and more answer are Welcome !
Date: 2010.04.24. 10:47:40
For epic monument :

Prerequisites: Treasury 1, Citadel of Destruction 2
Date: 2010.04.23. 18:45:40
I wanted a guide to a dueler character and because most info about this are in hungarian I wanted to ask the forum help for this :

1. What are the first skills a dueler character should invest SE in ?

I think the first should be >> Learning Level 1: creative affinity because of the SE bonus , but what should be next ?

Learning Level 16: toughness - or - Learning Level 15: execution - or - Learning Level 5: chronocompensation ?

2. How much should one invest in this skills and at what level ?

3. Do we have some charts about when is better to invest in one skill or another ?

4. What is a complete list of a MUST skills a dueler character should have ?

Please fill free to add more questions to this topic and please remember that any questions are good because it makes us think in new ways ....
Date: 2010.04.22. 17:19:24
In the legend at level 20.
Date: 2010.04.21. 22:23:53
Burnt-out ancient stones have lost their potential in time. If they are touched by an active ancient stone, they may be recharged and you can use them to buy rare artifacts! Any time you get real ancient stones (except from recommendation and filling a questionnaire or quiz), the same number of burnt-out ancient stones will change into active.
Date: 2010.04.14. 13:24:55
I think that it is a briliant idea because it prevents abuses by big clans and is sugesting that it could be better if you join a smaller clan .
Date: 2010.04.14. 00:03:07
And what did you do ?

If you did attack did you take any SE ( in case you won ) ?
Date: 2010.04.08. 23:29:14
Does he take SE from you ?

If he does that that is the motive and it is perfect normal , to be honest after I read this post i check if you are in world II with the intent of attacking you for the SE but I only found a Hunglo 2 -- that is in my own horde and I can"t attack .

But if he attacks you when he does not take any SE then he is a jerk or you did something to offend him .

Ps : if you want him to stop , simply deny him the SE -- I would not attack a player 5 times a day if i get 0 SE ....
Date: 2010.04.05. 11:06:20
I would love a easter pet .... But they are here just for Easter .

And while you look for a pet you should still keep your old one around just until you have a new one !
Date: 2010.04.04. 17:41:49
I also did a hunt because i was curios : and now we have pictures with teddy bears - fun - lol
Date: 2010.04.04. 17:30:55
only with this skill :

Learning Level 9: heal wounds - The only way you can heal your pet is with this skill. Amount of healing = (level of skill - 1) x 2. Also, if someone attacks you, and you take at least 3x more damage than your opponent, you will heal yourself (only if your weapon/spell is not too inferior to your level). The amount you gain depends on your constitution besides your skill. At skill level 30 you can heal multiple pets at once.
Date: 2010.04.04. 17:28:10
This was during a fight

You bow with grace, and offer her a healing potion. She returns your gesture with a nice smile, and gives you a griff egg (+70 soul-energy).

I love this new surprise from the admin.

They did a very good job with this surprise over the Easter period !

I gave them a 10 for originality and for thinking at us .

PS : I am curios about the healing potion how much does it heal ?
Date: 2010.04.04. 10:31:43
Well I can"t say I know or I am a friend of Boar , but I did play in the same clan for a short while and from the way he talks on the forum he does not look as a Noob to me .

Until you present your self with proof i have only respect for his forum posting and for the advices he gives here .
Date: 2010.04.03. 21:59:34
Quote: Snitt - 2010.04.03. 21:06:58
Quote: Boar - 2010.04.03. 12:54:10
You modified your style! Good! Soon you will achieve the rank of a human!
But the fact,you offended the Ladies,remains.

Hmmmm u talk about style? Is this ur info?


I don't care if you are attacking me continuously, the fact remains: you're all idiot droids (and presumably cheaters), who don't want any rival from the legal players. That's all! But the time of truth is coming soon..."

As ur post saes u dunno anytng about the game and u think ppl who knows what to do r cheaters:)

Don"t understand what you wanted to say above !
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