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Name of topic: Any Reason I Should Stay?
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
41. post - 2011.03.01. 08:55:35 (Reply to post #40 of ardent.)
Was asked by Galana to reopen it. If I'll see foul language again this topic will be perma closed.
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
42. post - 2011.03.09. 23:47:32 (Reply to post #40 of ardent.)
Quote: ardent - 2011.02.27. 05:12:17
Face it Viridel, you deleted your char because you couldn't handle all the attacks from me ..... That was just revenge for forcing me answer all your stupid baseball questions! Good luck IRL.

He was the only character I could beat at my level so I will sorely miss him!

Quote: Miklos - 2011.02.26. 15:44:21
Raggidman - I am completely aware that the English of the Legend is not as perfect as it should be. When it was translated, it was done by a very experienced translator, and it was corrected by another - but their native language was not English, so it couldn't be perfect. We have much more text in our games like other games, so we have a much more difficult time of getting them translated, and translated right. If you think you could help us somehow in correcting texts, please drop us an email at info doomlord net and we will work out the details.

When I begin adding the legend to the wikia, I intend to re-read the whole 75 chapters I've accessed in order to provide a summary of each chapter, as well as a summary after every 10 chapters. In addition to this, I was contemplating correcting the small grammatical/spelling errors and whilst my English isn't infallible, it will be an improvement on what is already there. It would be up to you if you wanted to use it, but hopefully it could be checked by other members of the wikia to proof read...
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
43. post - 2013.01.04. 15:46:10
I am planning to quit W1 and W2. I will be playing only on W 3.
3 characters to take care of are too much, especially after I will start working - bigining of february!.
If anyone ins interested in tacking over my characters i will be glad to transfer them!
If anyone knows someone interested in my proposal just let me know! Just answer to the current post!
Character Name is GEODOR in both worlds!
You have below the stats o fmy chars!
W1 caracter:
4 pets lvl above 100
6 pets above lvel 50

W2 character:
4 pets lvl above 100
6 pets above lvel 60


Thanks to anyone interested!
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
44. post - 2014.02.16. 04:07:36
with the new building bonuses the re is no true championships.low lvl players from big clans just don't play(only when events ara on the play) and winning the championships since the bonuses from their clan make them unbeatable even from strong and premium players.what is the benefit even if i spend ancient stones for better gear when a lvl30 player has bonus from his clan +120 in attack and defence?there is no way i can win this is way if you see all the time the same players win.You shouls exclude clan bonuses from championships or give a limit to championships(for example if you are on the same lvl tou can participate only 2 times on the champions if you already have 2 victories on this lvl).THere are players of lvl 20-30 with 28-40 championships won just because her only action on the game is to take part on the events and on chamionships
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
45. post - 2014.02.17. 11:53:40
I understand what you wanted to say , but I see here 2 different problems.

1. Building bonuses are not easy to get for newl players because when they join big old clan , they must fill soulwell at first. So I think game have some protection.

2. Main reason why we have some characters with anabolic abilities and skills is their way of playing. Exactly like you said some half-living accounts are playing only during specific event or Champhionship with maybe added DG fights because DG fights gives best SE/XP ratio. But that is their choice. They choosed slow but very strong development of their character. I think they cannot be punished for that. What is sad is game is not trying to support active playing. You will get minimal guaranted SE from 99.9% of your duels because 99.9% accounts of low level are dead and SE-empty. So you can choose 2 ways : active playing and not be able compete in Champs or slow playing with gaining advantage from game rules. Unfortunately on low levels using AS for gear is waste of money, as active player you have not any chance to those "zombies" even if you spent dozens euros monthly because lack of "SE full" targets.

Anyway bonus points to abilities from Champ medals are less and less important as you will go higher as those bonus points are making less and less in % from total. Also when you have more than 10medals, you needs more than 1 medal for +1 bonus in abilities.

Also look at last addition to game - Fetish. It is clear this addition is for very ACTIVE players and also many from fetishes will be better achievable for premium players - here is area where you can invest your AS more efectively. And look at bonuses which Minion can bring to your character - much more important than Champ medals. Especially when you know we will have many Minions and bonus will be cumulative.

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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
46. post - 2014.02.17. 13:29:17
Good post, thanks, Janyemm!

I would like to add one thing, you do get now minimal SE for duels as long as you dont have energy harness or disadvanced development.

People who "camp" at levels and participate only for championship: this is a possible (but imho, very boring strategy). The game has a protection this for as well, championship medals give negative bonus during championships. Also if someone win several times in the same category, this negative modifier increases.
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
47. post - 2016.01.12. 21:33:44
2016. Jan. 10. 20:04Gcen (63894)
Everytime I lev up luck to finish adventures. The same adventures suddenly raises the luck level to pass. Please help.
2016. Jan. 11. 11:02Gcen (63894)
I leved up to lev 29 luck as the adventures about eight of them demands and when I tried the requirement was raised to lev 31 for the same adventures. Please fix this. I am a high paying customer!
2016. Jan. 11. 19:02Hatsepsut

The level of trials depends on the corresponding skill/ability level of players (but there is a random factor, too). If the other players of your level increase their luck level, then the luck level of the adventures will also increase - I can't help in this.
However you can buy green or blue crystal potions at the soul huckster (among misc items) and you can set a reasonable amount at the adventure settings to make the completion easier.

Have a nice day,

Beholder Team
2016. Jan. 11. 21:08Gcen (63894)
I am not talking about crystal points´╝ü It is the luckk factor which means I cannot complete adventures even if the adventure tells me I need a certain amount of luck points! It is written on the adventure and this suddenly changes.
Please do something about this and comoensate the se to me.
yesterday, 02:30Hatsepsut

You should consider using crystal points, because they are to substitute the missing points (for example luck) in the tests. You have a slot on the adventure screen (under the adventure list) where you can set the number of crystal points used in each and every otherwise unsuccessful tests. You don't even have to buy potions, I checked and you have more than a thousand points now - you just have to set the value above 0.

On the other hand the test numbers are not locked - they depend on the average values of the ability or skill of all the active players on that given level. If for example everyone starts increasing luck, then the target values for luck will increase. So it's not a bug that they change.

Have a nice day,

Beholder Team
yesterday, 22:45Gcen (63894)
I have been using crystal points.
As I said adventures require say lev 25 luck to pass. So i increase my luck to 26. When I try the very same adventure again it changes to 27 luck automatically for the exactly same advenuture. Give me a break! It means even if I increase my luck as the adventure requires I cannot complete any adventures whixh have luck.
yesterday, 22:47Gcen (63894)
I have 1,700 crystal points so that is not the issue. Jesus please help...
today, 05:28Gcen (63894)
I have 9 out of 10 adventures which are the same from much lower levels I cannot complete sue to LUCK!
Why are you not addressing this problem?

Do you want me to quit the game?
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
48. post - 2016.01.12. 21:36:39
I needed to set crystals minimum lol. Sorry Admin.
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Re: Any Reason I Should Stay?
49. post - 2016.01.13. 08:57:49 (Reply to post #48 of Gcen.)
When you do an adventure, the minimum result to pass the test is Player Average for your level + RND (Level/3). And your roll will be your stat + RND (Level/3). So if you are on level 30, your luck is 31 and average luck for your level is 28, your roll can be 31-41 and the minimum required can be 28-38. As you can see, it's perfectly possible that your roll is not sufficient to beat the threshold. That's why you need to use the crystal points.

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