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Date: 2020.05.28. 22:44:33
Use the yellow help button (top right corner), and write to the customer service.
Date: 2020.05.10. 19:39:04
I don't want to disappoint you, but do not expect too much communication in this forum, or in the game.
Date: 2019.09.12. 22:41:08
Different how?
Date: 2019.08.23. 15:59:48
Just read the the description:

"After each turn, the winner of the war gets 4 points, the second 3 pts, etc. This is the primary score. The ranking is based on this primary score. If two teams have an equal primary score, the secondary score (total points acquired in the wars) will decide."
Date: 2019.07.12. 11:08:57
I experiencing none of these problems, my guess is the source of the problems are on your side.
Date: 2019.06.06. 15:32:17
Did you have the equipment for the animal?
Only the 1st time.
Date: 2019.02.11. 21:54:48
If the legendary item is equipped you can't upgrade.
Date: 2018.11.26. 13:42:09
Summoned monsters are can be found under Hunt, Challenge monsters.
I can't find that spell neither.
Fetish, and new AA abilities are available.

No announcement as usual!
Wait, there will be new mosters.
Monster summoning fetish
Item level 200
25000 ectoplasm
+16 XP for Victories
If the minion is active in combat, the opponents minions deal 10% less spell damage per level. (this is not entirly clear for me, translated from hungarian wiki) Wait for the official description!!
Passive ability: for every 50 level (from level 100) you get +1 monster challenge per day

I can't find any info about the AA abilities.
When we can expect the fetish, AA abilities?
It's alive!!!!
Any update? ETA?
Date: 2018.01.16. 12:17:42
Only pets!
Date: 2018.01.03. 15:41:28
A little easter egg!

Btw an epic with 5 pets, it's very low level. My latest entity had 23 pets
Your character/Misc/Exchangeable column
There will be more stuff for ectoplasm, or that is all?