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Date: 2010.01.11. 05:08:52
When do we celabrate Mardi Gras?
between January 1 and Febuary 3
between February 3 and March 9
between April 1 and May 9
between March 9 and April 1
When does who celebrate Mardi Gras? More than one country celebrate them at different times so who does the "We" refer to also it's celebrate not celabrate and February not Febuary.
Date: 2010.01.03. 07:57:18
just got this question
Who's not a member of the Cullen family?
who are the cullen family how is this not to obscure and again who are they
Date: 2009.12.27. 09:42:36
i have constantlg gotten that my questions are only known by a special group of people well how about some consistantcy as i recieved a question about who was not a charicter in the dragonlance books how would you know the answer if you havent read the books and and i got a question about which team won some american colledge football trophy now my problem with that is who knows anything about those teams outside the US so in regards to my question about the title of the theme song to mash how is that to obscure please i whan to know how these questions are judged
Date: 2009.12.27. 06:40:39
just got question which is fastest bird? though the prirgrin falcon is the faster flying the question should state which bird is the fastest flyer as a humming bird has a faster flapping speed as well as heart rate
Date: 2009.12.25. 14:55:26
i just got a question asking when were the appolo missions to the moon the answer was dec 68 to some other year man didnt land on the moon till 1969 so this question is wrong
Date: 2009.12.10. 07:15:03
I got this question:
One grain equals how many grams?
a grain of what? sand maybe or rice possibly
Date: 2009.11.17. 11:07:11
The feminine of dog is________.

This is incorrect it should ask "The feminine of canine is *?" Being that the masculine of canine is Dog, So a feminine dog is confused.
Date: 2009.11.15. 03:39:05
How many black cubes are there on a chessboard? How do you get cubes on a two dimensional board?
Date: 2009.11.11. 03:35:02
Yes quotation marks missing and Stephen not Steven thank you for the feedback as I originally submitted this question.
Date: 2009.11.11. 03:22:39
I just had the question "who is the lead singer of pink floyd?" answer that is given as correct is Rojer Waters but he left pink floyd in the early 1980's after the album the wall and the lead singer is now david gilmore.

also i had a question "which sport has a different shaped ball?" answer given as correct is galec football which i would agree with but one of the other of this question is also correct which is australian rules football as the other two options given are rugby and american football and though the last sports balls are the same shape the ball for aussie rules although elongated has flat ends not pointed so i disqsagree witt this question
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