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Date: 2012.06.28. 11:37:35
I just wanted to say that I love this thread! This is a collection of great answers and questions and I learned so much by reading it, it's amazing! Please keep up with collecting all of these! I would get you all flowers delivered by serenata to say thank you, because this is so useful and I bet you would be happy to get a small gift?
Date: 2012.06.26. 13:47:59
vI think that jokes have already been replaced by memes and true enough, there really are a lot of memes that are really funny and are great.

And web sites like 9gag where they are available for viewing and for reposting just ensures that they would get to a lot more people and be something that would be updated on the regular and at all times.
Date: 2012.06.26. 13:46:50
Who here is interested with F1? With the season 8 races in and with Fernando Alonso, becoming the first driver winner on repeat, it makes for a very good stance for him and Ferrari. And though it was supposed to be a race Vettel would have won, it just didn't play well for him and too bad that he had to exit that way, with Hamilton going on a similar experience.
Date: 2012.06.26. 13:45:36
I think that poker is something that is played with how your strategy goes and not really by a carefully picked out set of moves that will let you win.

There will be no winning if you have the best cards but you are afraid of going all in when it matters the most. It's is not about the cards, I tell you.
Date: 2012.06.26. 13:44:36
Some years back, I used to play a lot of Ragnarok and true enough, it is something that really was enjoyable. Then came the era of gaming consoles which translated to a lot of other games though not fully MMO. A number of games have also passed me by and there really are a lot of nice and interesting ones that you just have to try.
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