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Date: 2017.09.26. 18:12:31
thanks.really tricky to find that one.i must have ast it 3 or 4 times.thanks
Date: 2017.09.25. 11:37:51
i ormally dont ask for quest but i am searching for the identity of the white knight,anyone knows in which chapter of the legend is?most probably i checked the correct chapter but missed it.anyone remembers the chapter?
Date: 2015.11.03. 02:30:22
....And of course ater saying that i was attacked by Gwidor.
Date: 2015.11.02. 13:40:06
Give a limit to the championships that one player can win per category and after that limit to be exluded from championship unti he reach the next lvl.Even with the minus it is imposible to win when someone has bonus +150 on atack and defence and all the clan bonuses of a high clan and everytime he wins a championship he gets +1 in all abilities.Players like Glendor Gwindor and witch and others(in higher categories i suppose but i dont know them)are almost one year at the same category of the championships.check your records always the same win the championships it is not fair for all the other players that actually play the game.And i know after that most propably i will get hit everyday by those but someone has to say something
Date: 2015.10.12. 00:39:31
the second pyramid it is impossible to be finished in such short should be like this if someone finish the first pyramid should have at least ten days to finish the second one.i have barely finished the first pyramid (i was after the the fetish) but in 3 days remaining it is immposible to finish the second one).plus some quest are only for high lvls i mean i have no extractor and already 2 quest of the second pyramid need thing that i cannot get on my lvl(30 yellow with extractor and brown by acqusition)i think the next pyramid should have the double time or my suggestion when someone finish the first to take an extension of a reasonable time for the second one.
Date: 2014.02.16. 04:07:36
with the new building bonuses the re is no true championships.low lvl players from big clans just don't play(only when events ara on the play) and winning the championships since the bonuses from their clan make them unbeatable even from strong and premium players.what is the benefit even if i spend ancient stones for better gear when a lvl30 player has bonus from his clan +120 in attack and defence?there is no way i can win this is way if you see all the time the same players win.You shouls exclude clan bonuses from championships or give a limit to championships(for example if you are on the same lvl tou can participate only 2 times on the champions if you already have 2 victories on this lvl).THere are players of lvl 20-30 with 28-40 championships won just because her only action on the game is to take part on the events and on chamionships
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