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Date: 2021.11.20. 14:37:26
This is getting very annoyong!this is the 3rd time that i am seeing the same thing.when i lvl up my minion from lvl228 to lvl230 which means that i have to have plus one to my stats not only my stats didnt lvl up but when down almost all by 5!ok the previous times support check it and fix no complaint on that but do i have to check everytime that i do something to incease my stats?the thing is not only it is not increasing but my stats degrease!!!!
Date: 2021.10.31. 15:55:53
thank you
Date: 2021.10.30. 12:34:26
i know this is a new amulet i was asking if someone knows or have read something that i have missed and knows what are the bonuses are
Date: 2021.10.29. 12:17:10
anyone knows what are the bonuses that the fetish of hope give?i dont think that i will get it but i am curious what i will miss
Date: 2021.10.22. 13:11:10
after your message i was also carefull about the minions upgrade and i had the same thing today.i think this is a permanent bug that has to be suggestion is everyone to check they stats before and after the lvling of the minions and inform the support
Date: 2019.06.01. 20:14:38
i tried to send message right now but the support dont work instead i am getting a weird message about engine 8 or i will try to see if anyone can help me here at least/for me the sqeeze anommaly dont work.i bought it feed a pet and the task on the temple remains,then i sqeeze a pet still nothing.the thing is that this is necessary to progress in the pyramid and i dont want to use a royal dgree for this especially since it is a task that i can perfom easily and also have it on temple,the sqeeze part i mean
Date: 2016.05.10. 13:25:22
the think is that any new building that is added is only for the big clans.the new building for example that help the minions can only build by the 3-4 big clans all the other claans ill need at least on year to build all the other necessary builds before their can buld the new buildings.every new building that is added is only for the build clans ruinging even more the balance(the minios was a good add though brought some balance but with the builds ruined again for the smaller clans)
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