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Date: 2015.01.29. 00:46:18
Quote: Miklos - 2015.01.28. 16:11:08
The problem got resolved this morning and the game is running. Maybe your browser cached in the blank page? Try to refresh the page in the browser.

I did this but it seems the game was ok later in the day, with many bugs (as disconnected when attacking Landragore and losing invested EE ^^ ) but running.

And as my mate asked if someone as a way to contact any admin of french game it would be nice to have some news

Thx in advance and thx for your time (and sorry to "invade" the english board for a french problem )

(edit: we are still disconnected if we attack Landragore )
Date: 2015.01.28. 14:16:42

I guess I'll have to use this link cause I still have not access to the game (I get a blank page)
Date: 2015.01.28. 09:15:35
Quote: Sbart - 2015.01.28. 08:48:59
Aelana, I have forwarded your message to the Customer service.

Thx, cause as we do not have acces to the game we do not have acces to custumer service too
I was going to do it here but I see it's already done
Date: 2014.08.30. 19:16:18
Quote: Little - 2014.08.29. 15:34:09
Wasn't using APt and DPt in xeno wars (like other events) supposed to fulfill hunting and duelling tasks ?

Do some admin have an answer ? Or I guess I'll have to send it to the support.
Date: 2014.08.29. 15:34:09
Wasn't using APt and DPt in xeno wars (like other events) supposed to fulfill hunting and duelling tasks ?
Date: 2014.02.09. 23:16:32
Quote: Sbart - 2014.02.09. 15:33:28
You have to select a quest (like "Visit Drakin!"). Then you go to the corresponding Legend (the 8th one, so Chapter 7) and click on Drakin in the text. This completes the quest. It is the same for the other quests that you listed (Chapter 10 and Chapter 13).

Does that help?

Yes, it helped a lot.

I'm coming from another server and there is no legends, so these quests fullfill automatically if some lvl reached, so I expected the same here...


So I'm a bit sad I spent AS for nothing
Date: 2014.02.09. 14:11:09
I have a problem with my quest.

That's now many lvl I'm blocked.

Available quests
Visit Drakin! Choose a quest
Visit your Horde Leader! Choose a quest
Visit the Oracle! Choose a quest

I'm lvl 15

From the wiki I found this:

5 250 Visit Drakin! Hints 8

11 550 Visit your Horde Leader! Hints 11

18 1700 Visit the Oracle! Hints 14

These quests should be completed since many lvl now ... And that's many lvl I had to use AS in order to complete tasks....

(Yes I have chosen a quest, chosen another one, log in, log out, etc...)

Am I missing someting ?
and if not, could an admin fix this ? and if it was a bug could I get back the AS I had to use in order to completed the tasks ?
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