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Date: 2011.04.03. 17:12:20
When you start a game, you...?
...have a level 1 spell that decreases your opponent's attack
...have no spell at all
...have a level 1 low damage spell
...have a choice whether you want mace or a low damage spell

This one still hasn't been corrected?? it does depend on what game we'r talking about, Doomlord is not the only game in the world.

What is the longest running game show in television history?
The Price is Right <- marked as correct
Wheel of Fortune
Family Fued

The Price is Right is the longest continuously game show on television, while Jeopardy is the longest cumulatively running game show on television.
Date: 2011.04.02. 22:47:14
Who was the first Roman Emperor?
Gaius Julius Caesar
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
Lucius Septimius Severus
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus <- marked as correct

Who was the first Roman Emperor?
Augustus <- marked as correct
Marc Antony
Julius Caesar

Who was the first Roman emperor?
Julius Caesar
Augustus Caesar <- marked as correct, but wrong, it was Caesar Augustus

See any similarities?

While the emperor, his full name name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, he was borne Gaius Octavius Thurinus. But as he changed name several times in his life, I think the options should not be either of his previous names or any name similar to either of the names he bore.
Date: 2011.04.02. 14:56:35
The month of February is derived from a Roman ....?
Festival <- marked as correct

According to Encyclopedia Mythica:
"The name comes either from the old-Italian god Februus or else from februa, signifying the festivals of purification celebrated in Rome during this month."
Date: 2011.04.02. 01:56:04
Who is the founder of Microsoft?
Paul Allen
Sergey Brin
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates <- Marked as correct

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, so we have two correct among the possible answers here.
Date: 2011.03.27. 14:11:01
"Contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation" What word does the following definition describe?
Omphaloskepsis *

Er uhm? How did this get the grammar and spelling Check? The question does not make any sense, though it's not difficult to guess that the question should have been something like:
Which of these words can be described as "Contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation"?
Date: 2011.03.26. 14:18:15
Who is the main god in German mythology?
Odin <- marked as correct. (German name is Wotan or Woden)

Those are all Norse goods (or Norse names for the gods), but who cares that there is no single German mythology, but a number of different mythologies and various areas had different head gods, see this site for a nice description: or a glossary here:
Date: 2011.03.26. 09:57:23
Quote: ImLittleJon - 2011.03.26. 04:12:36
Quote: MartinBV - 2011.03.25. 23:34:40
Not sure it's a bug, but it seems inconsistent to me: When I increase the Adventure skills skills it does not affect the cost of developing other skills, but when I increase other skills this affects the cost of increasing adventure skills.

That's how it's supposed to be. Oblivion is another one that doesn't increase the cost of developing other skills.

Sorry seems I didn't make my self clear as to what I feel is inconsistent, it's the fact that the time for when I increase the Adventure skills, oblivion, and transplantation in relation to other skills affects how much they cost.

Let's say I increase Climbing from 5 to 10:
If I have 500 "normal" skills and full transplantation it will cost me 21 825 SE
If I have 550 "normal" skills and full transplantation it will cost me 23 700 SE

And yes, I know it's how it's designed to be, but seems odd to me, when the time of adding the 5 extra adventure skills has no bearing on the cost of adding those extra 50 "normal" skills.
Having the Adventure skills in a totally unrelated group not affected by transplantation, but affecting the cost of each other, would seem more logical to me.

Quote: ImLittleJon - 2011.03.26. 05:35:20
Quote: stekkos - 2011.03.26. 05:27:48
Relics can do this, like the friendship stone. But if you scry the character you get a list of all his bonuses, including drain protection. Then you can see if you are missing something

OK, I just scryed one of the characters. No drain protection showing whatsoever. And yet:

After a quick ruse you attack the undefended torso of ... with your Shadow whip. You deal 199 damage. Friar Tuck, Bucephalus, Fenrir and Jason attacks with a snarl. With 3 attacks they caused 118 damage.

You can only drain SE if they have SE to drain, so if the character has 0 SE on him/her you will not drain any.
Date: 2011.03.25. 23:34:40
Not sure it's a bug, but it seems inconsistent to me: When I increase the Adventure skills skills it does not affect the cost of developing other skills, but when I increase other skills this affects the cost of increasing adventure skills.

I had saved up a nice sum of SE to spend on increasing skills, so I added 12 levels to some normal skill and decided to add 15 levels to the adventure skills. With max. transplantation, this caused the adventure skills to become 450 SE more expensive per level, so it cost me 6750 SE more than if I had added the adventure skills before the 12 levels of normal skills
Date: 2011.03.24. 16:24:21
What happened to Jupiter in early 2010 that baffled scientists?
It got pulled into a black hole
It lost one of its ‘stripes’ <- marked as correct
It started to turn from a gas giant into a terrestrial planet
It started to shrink

I have reported this one before. The storms and stripes on Jupiter change and disappear, and new ones appear, on a regular basis, so no one was surprised let alone baffled that one of the stripes disappeared in early July 2010. No one, however, know what mechanism causes this.

And another repeat offender:
Who was the inventor of the rocket?
Sir William Congreve
Robert Goddard
Wernher Von Braun <- so he lived in China in the 12th century AD?

See this link:
Date: 2011.03.22. 15:16:02
Which of these is NOT a choosable game piece for the boardgame "Monopoly"?
top hat
basket *

For many versions of Monopoly non of the 4 options are coosable game pieces, the version I played as a child had different colours of cars.
Date: 2011.03.21. 21:34:56
What was "Operation Valkire" ? <- misspelled: "Operation Valkyrie"
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour
Russian attack on Berlin
German attack on Great Britain
Attack on Furer <- marked as correct (Die Fürer)

This is not entirely correct.
Operation Valkyrie was originally developed with the full knowledge of Hitler, with the aim of using the Territorial Reserve Army of Germany to take control in the case of a breakdown in civil order.
The plan was modified to be used to take control after the July 20 Plot to assassinate Hitler. Naturally this modification was not done with the consent of Hitler.
Date: 2011.03.21. 18:41:52
OK! Let's try this one again: (has been reported 3 times already, and is still here)

In the Lord of the Rings novels, which two characters are brothers?
Aragorn and Faramir
Frodo and Sam
Gandalf and Sauron
Boromir and Denethor <- marked as correct.

Boromir and Faramir were the sons of Denethor!!!!
Date: 2011.03.18. 19:41:54
Joe Cocker said:"You can leave your...."?
...keys on the table
...hat on on in my garage

Probably said all of those
Date: 2011.03.18. 17:54:21
How long ago was the Big Bang (supposedly)?
10.3 to 13.9 billion years ago.
13.3 to 13.9 billion years ago. <- marked as correct
13.3 to 10.9 billion years ago.
10.3 to 10.9 billion years ago.

This number has changed several times in the past decade, so it might change again, and the answers overlap so that the current estimate fall within the range of two of them. The wikipedia claims the age is 13.75 ± 0.11 billion years

Which is not made from crude oil?
rubber * <- it can be

Rubber is made from tree sap or from crude oil.
Glue is made from various substances some of which can be extracted from crude oil.
Plastic can be made from crude oil or from plant fibres.
Petrol... well research is under way to produce it from biological sources.
Date: 2011.03.15. 17:35:27
Quote: Paladian - 2011.03.15. 14:53:06
Quiz question: "Gamma Librae is the name for what?"

The correct answer is listed as "a star".

The name of the star cluster is actually "Gamma Lyrae".
Gamma Librae is a star in the constellation Libra.
Gamma Lyrae is a star in the constellation Lyra.

There are many star names starting with Gamma as all stars in constellations are named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. followed by the name of the constellation. They might have other names as well, for instance the star named Vega is also named Alpha Lyrae. (or α Lyr)
Date: 2011.03.12. 18:40:51
Which of the great mathematicians built foundations of the differential calculus?
Isaac Newton <- marked as correct
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Leonard Euler
Niels Henrik Abel

Actually Newton did not build the foundations for the differential calculus, but built on the foundations to create one of the first breakthroughs leading to the development of differential calculus.

What was the name of the sound technology developed by Phil Spector?
Wall of Sound <- marked as correct
Barrier of Brass
Maison de la Musique
Fence of Frequency

It's a technique not a technology.
Date: 2011.03.12. 15:26:08
About how large is the population of Earth?
5.3 billion
4 billion
6.8 billion <- marked as correct (current estimate as I write this post is 6.9-7.1 billion depending on who does the estimate)
7.8 billion

This question needs a date as the Earth's population is growing rapidly.
Date: 2011.03.11. 18:05:55
What happened to Jupiter in early 2010 that baffled scientists?
It lost one of its ‘stripes’ *
It got pulled into a black hole
It started to shrink
It started to turn from a gas giant into a terrestrial planet

This did not baffle any scientists, it happens every 10 or 15 years so why should they be baffled? What is unknown is the mechanism that causes this to happen.

But I guess since it's a common misconceptions that it was the disappearing that is surprising, I guess we'll just have to live with it.
Date: 2011.03.11. 16:47:22
Just wonder where I can find such information? should be mentioned somewhere

P.s. I have 0+1 on building and -1 hunting time from a medal of doom, so never thought there was such a limitation. (except where mentioned for the item)
Date: 2011.03.10. 18:17:42
Quote: manunkind - 2011.03.10. 17:36:10
How many colors are in a rainbow? correct answer is marked as 7, but a rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colours—there are no intrinsic "bands."
I have reported this one before, but popular culture and urban legends tend to weigh higher than scientific fact.