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Date: 2011.02.15. 18:00:05
Who was the inventor of the rocket?
Wernher Von Braun <- marked as correct.
Sir William Congreve
Robert Goddard

Rockets were invented in China in the 13th century!

What does Airsoft make?
small sculptures of famous people
replica of firearms

Airsoft is a "sport" or recreational activity, using airsuft guns, often replica of lethal firearms. The guns are made by various companies, I have not found any company named Airsoft.

And then the minor ones:
Which of the following birds exists in real life?
Phoenix - actually there are breads of chicken called phoenix
Bird of Paradise <- marked as correct
Date: 2011.02.13. 12:45:46
Quote: Inv_ - 2011.01.28. 21:54:57
Quote: Valkyrie - 2011.01.26. 10:19:48
there is some bug on the seccond page of latest posts:

Uploaded with

looks like MartinV added an extra [ / quote ] tag. if he removes it it will fix the formatting

I have tried adding and removing [ quote ] and [ / quote ] tags but nothing helps. Looking at the source code there seems to be an extra < /div>in post Post #2478, most likely from an extra [ / quote]

As a web programmer, I think this sort of problem should be taken care of by the forum script, not the forum users, and it's really quite simple, and one of the reasons to use bb-codes in forums, make sure that if a tag is missing a matching opening of closing tag it's simply ignored, or treated as plain text.
Date: 2011.02.13. 11:29:06
Don't know if this is really a bug or a design decision. When you answer quiz questions in advance if you do not answer in time you get a new question, just like you do if you just started a number of hunts.

The reason I think it's a bug is that when you answering questions during a hunt, this can happen up to 20 times, if you do it while answering in advance, the limit is 300!

I have on occasion lost my internet connection while answering quiz questions for hunts that I have initiated, and thus did not get to answer for all of them, so far missed questions for answering in advance have been my own fault.
Date: 2011.02.12. 15:34:33
Who held Rapunzel captive until she guessed his name?
Rumplestiltskin <- marked as correct
Bartholemew Cubbins
Ichabod Crane
Rip Van Winkle

This is a mix-up of two fairytales from the Brothers Grimm. One is about Rapunzel who was held captive by a witch/enchantress, the other is about Rumplestiltskin saving a millers daughters life, she then marries the king, but she had promised Rumplestiltskin her first borne child, when she refuses to give it to him, he offers her an alternative: if she within three days can guess his name she can keep her child.
Date: 2011.02.11. 22:50:52
Quote: Thucydides - 2011.02.11. 22:37:11
came across this question..

What city did the first atomic bomb level

the answer they said is correct was Nagasaki

that is wrong..the correct answer should be Hiroshima

Hiroshima was bombed first..Nagasaki was bombed 3 days later.
Besides, that was not the 1st atomic bomb, the 1st one was detonated in a dessert in the US, and did not level any cities.
Date: 2011.02.11. 22:03:44
Which song was featured in "Miss Doubtfire" (1994) and was sung by Aerosmith?
Walk This Way
Dream On
Dude Looks Like A Lady *
Sweet Emotion

It's "Mrs. Doubtfire"

Which island is not a standalone country?
Greenland <- marked as correct

What is a standalone country? Independent? or one that covers an entire island? Both sound plausible, though the only place I found the term used was on some market assessment index, and you have to subscribe to their service to search for any specific country on that list, so I guess that's not it.

From the correct answer I can deduct that the question was which of the four islands is not an independent country, but then Cyprus is de-facto two countries, so not an independent country either, but two.
Date: 2011.02.10. 19:25:08
Which state is not next to Arizona?
Colorado <- marked as correct
New Mexico
What is considered as being next to?
Arizona borders New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, touches Colorado......

What does LOL mean?
Laugh Out Loud <- marked as correct
Lots of Love
Laughs OnLine
Look Out, Loser
There are many uses of the acronym LOL, the Wikipedia disambiguation page for LOL starts with the following:
"LOL is an acronym or abbreviation of "laughing out loud", "lots of luck", or "lots of love"."

In addition several sources list Little Old Lady, Log out Looser, Looser On Line, and a few more.
Date: 2011.02.09. 23:47:59
How many books are the Watch series of Sergey Lukyanenko?
4 <- marked as correct

Well there are 4 books in the original series, but the wikipedia indicates there is a fifth book in the series, the source listed for this fifth book is in Russian, so I can't confirm it, but to me that indicates there might be more or more comming. Maybe some Russian speaker can confirm if this is just rumours, fan-fiction, or true?

P.s. I have not read the books, and prior to getting this question I had not even heard of the writer.
Date: 2011.02.09. 08:59:58
Which Computer Company No Longer Makes Computers?
Hewlett Packard
IBM <- marked as correct
IBM no longer produce PC's, but computers? absolutely! They make main-frame computers, and integrated computers.
Date: 2011.02.08. 16:01:48
What time of day is considered "midnight"?
4:00 am
5:00 pm
12:00 am <- marked as correct
12:00 pm

This is not correct 12 Midnight is considered midnight, there is no such thing as 12 am of 12 pm, this question has been reported before, but apparently someone still considers it a good question, if so please give reference to any reliable source why this should be the case.

I have found both 12 am and pm as midnight on the web, and all reliable sources I have found states that using 12 am or pm to signify either noon or midnight is ambiguous.
Date: 2011.02.06. 23:39:15
Quote: Wormtail - 2011.02.05. 08:41:41
Who won the Award of the Hungrian Best Football PLayer of Year 2010?
Ottó Vincze
Ádám Komlósi
Zoltán Gera
Balázs Dzsudzsák

Who cares. A non-Hungarian might not even heard any of them. Not to mention accents in their names.

To top it off, googeling the question did not yield any result and only after reading through the wikipedia page for Balázs Dzsudzsák did I find that he won the "Hungarian Footballer of the Year: 2010"
So wrong title of the award, mispelling, and not googleable. How should we non Hungarians be expected to find the answer in under 5 minutes?
Date: 2011.02.05. 16:15:18
In the Lord of the Rings novels, which two characters are brothers?
Aragorn and Faramir
Frodo and Sam
Gandalf and Sauron
Boromir and Denethor <- marked as correct.

Of the characters listed that would be Boromir and Faramir, Denethor was their father.
Date: 2011.02.05. 12:26:27
Dr. Who's weapon of choice is the...?
Empowered Boxers
Sonic Screwdriver <- marked as correct
Sonic Pistol
Plasma Rifle

Hope this shows up on google soon, because I was not able to find the answer through google.

I did find the sonic Screwdriver, on the wikipedia, but it is not described as a weapon!

So this question should fall into the specialist knowledge category.
Date: 2011.02.02. 08:06:32
Quote: Malystryx - 2011.02.01. 06:12:31
DJ Tiesto (Nr 1 DJ in the world) was born in?

The Netherlands. ***

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators the answer is an uninteresting lexical knowledge.

and why might I asjk is this uninteresting lexical knowledge? it's a famous musician worshipped by millions of people just like questions i have seen about U2, Classical composers, polish rock band (?? seriously that one got through but mine got rejected??) etc etc. this is a valid question.

With the amount of questions about NBA player, US Baseball players, American Football players, present and retired, I think Malystryx has a point.

But I think this one has been on the complains list for not being accepted before.
Date: 2011.01.30. 15:54:28
Which US State has the cities of Athens, Sparta, and Rome?
Georgia <- marked as correct
New York <- also here
New Mexico

There are several cities and towns in the US named Athens, Sparta, and Rome, and in both Georgia and New York there are all three.
Date: 2011.01.30. 13:13:20
Quote: stekkos - 2011.01.30. 12:33:43
According to the Jewish and Christian Bible, how old was Methuselah?

Doh!!! Yea, saw that as soon as I had hit the submit button (Where is that facepalm emote or the bang head into wall?) but unfortunately there is no un-submit button.
Date: 2011.01.30. 12:17:14
Doh!! Made typo posting a question for the quiz:
According to the Jewish and Christian Bible, how old was Methuselah?
696 years <- should have been 969 years
241 years
1050 years
75 years
Date: 2011.01.29. 22:04:53
Quote: Manannan Mac Lir - 2011.01.29. 21:15:49
In which war did the Bloody Sunday happen?
French Revolution
American Revolutionary War
Italian Independence War
Irish War of Independence <-------

This question glorifies terrorism by calling the IRA campaign a war of independence.

Eire is already independent.
Not necessarily, the term Bloody Sunday is ambiguous.

Among the 13 Bloody Sundays listed on the wikipedia, two, one in 1920 and one in 1921, happened during the Irish war of Independence, which lasted from 21 January 1919 – 11 July 1921. And yes, there has been another Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, that did not happen during said war, which is probably the one Manannan Mac Lir is referring to.

So which Bloody Sunday are we looking for? The 1st that comes up on Google is a massacre in Russia in 1905, the ones during the Irish war of Independence are not on the 1st page.
Date: 2011.01.29. 18:09:01
This one made me laugh: (Arnold must be a very busy man)

Which movie has Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in?
all of them <- marked as correct
Conan The Barbarian
Last Action Hero

Might be better to ask: Which of these....
Date: 2011.01.28. 22:25:39
What part of the human eye has color?
Iris <- marked as correct
Actually the retina has a color as well, it's red, which is why albinos have red eyes.

What is the Worlds Deadliest Snake?
Blue Krait
Australian Brown Snake
Inland Taipan
Mohave Rattlesnake
This question can't be googled and it depends on the definition. (I got to caught up in reading about the snakes, so I forgot to answer in time, and don't know which answer is marked as correct)

The most toxic snake is the Inland Taipan, but they are docile and will only strike provoked, and all sources I have found states that there are no recorded human deaths from this snake. So not particularly Deadly.

Australian Brown Snake is more aggressive, but less toxic, than the Inland Taipan.

Blue Krait is also toxic but not particular aggressive so not that Deadly. 50% fatality even with anti-venom.

Mohave Rattlesnake, is not a candidate, still plenty of toxic though.

But neither of the 4 possible answers are particularly deadly, as you are unlikely to encounter them and if you do it is unlikely that you will be bitten. They have caused very few, if any, recorded deaths.

The most deadly snake is either the Indian cobra or Russell's viper, as they cause many more deaths, numbered in the hundreds per year. Many google hits, however, indicates that the most deadly snake is the Black Mamba.

As "most deadly" is in itself ambiguous, I suggest the question be changed to "most toxic" and we do have a clear winner.